Smoking is Good for Health

A weird but true fact, proving that every coin has two sides.

Smoking is becoming a global problem. It has been in existence for very long time as per the article “ History of Smoking and The Harm From This“. The biggest problem of smoking as compared to drinking and drugs addiction is the fact that it also affects the non-smokers directly. Smoking has been linked to various diseases but still people are smoking. There are various articles which discusses about the problems associated with smoking, some of them are:

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4) The Little Known Dangers of Third Hand Smoke by Kristie

5) Passive Smoking Can Lead to Hearing Loss by doping

6) Why Smoking is More Dangerous for Women by Kristie

7) Smoking Behavior by salwaanas

There are several statistics available in this field, the article “Smoking Related Deaths ” gives some of them. Now, there are some of the articles “ Stop Smoking Tips – How to Get Rid of Smoking, How to STOP Smoking and Smoking Not Good for Health” which talk about about the ways to quit and prevent smoking. 

Despite having so many issues and problem, smoking is also like a coin. If it has so many bad things, it can also prove a blessing in disguise. One of the article “No Quits: Smoking Has Benefits” tried to gave some general benefits of smoking. However, there are some special cases where smokers can have an advantage over non-smokers. Now, the reason i call it a special case because in the field of medicine and pharmacology, it is a well known fact that smoking causes the rapid removal of drugs from the body. It becomes a serious issue because it becomes more difficult to treat the smokers as compared to non-smokers. However, there is one article “Cigarette Smoking and Drug Metabolism” in journal “Audio-Digest Internal Medicine” which says that the this problem of rapid elimination of drug can sometimes be helpful in preventing the drugs side-effect. This is because the natural body mechanism which is involved in neutralizing the drug effect, can sometimes help in neutralizing the toxic effects of drug.     

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  1. still doesnt show enough information to how they are “healthy”…
    cigarates = bad

  2. i agree with you….but it is just one of the excuse to smoke….even i consider smoking bad….thats why i said in my last line “Although smoking is good for health, I’m strictly against its use.”

    it is an excuse which is not sufficient to make people smoke..but is sufficient for a person who wants any silly excuse to smoke.

  3. yeah i agree to…. but its still shouldnt be considered healthy. for some reason if i smell or inhale cigarette smoke it gives me a headache therefore i would never smoke.

  4. ITC ne kitna comomission dia…..

  5. it sounds to me like an answer in our exam answersheets in which we write as if we have made an extraordinary research on it, we ourself don’t get a word of it, is a different thing!!!

  6. waste…….its purely dangerous.if u stop smoking

  7. yeah,smoking harmful but those who smoke will keep smoking,they don’t need to give any reasons……

  8. Ye fool, dont support smoking
    It is very harmful.
    i use smoking for 15 years.
    i know its effects.

  9. hey bala,
    i think you haven’t read my whole article…….in the end i have specially mentioned that i don’t support smoking…….but i put up this topic because i cudn’t come across any valid reason which can diagree with the above fact. so, i just wished if someone else can find some flaw in the above concept which can be udsed as a defense by non-smokers.

  10. U make people fool

  11. do u smoke?????

  12. nope

  13. is dat so u nvr giv up okaey …. itz good for ur health njoyyy

  14. Smoking harms the people around you…Passive smoking as its called…None of us want the people around us to suffer because we are addicted,because we just want it or think its ‘healthy’,so instead of justifying yourself its better to just try and stop!
    Why dont you try drinking? You can only kill yourself at the end of the day! Thats a better option right?! :)

  15. hey guys…
    its true that smoking is bad for health but that doesnt mean that u shud discourage any person from airing his views for everyone to see and acknowledge.and who knows something good might come out of this research(provided the findings are true) then this might turn out to be a very important discovery.. just suppose that “ur guide” (sorry man.. i dont know ur real name) finds a way to produce these hydrocarbons which he is talking about, then it might as well turn out to be a boon for millions of people who are combating the side effects of various drugs. the possibilities are endless.. it might also be used in helping drug addicts in rehab processes. and before you all start pecking away at me let me declare that im against smoking.. and ‘ur guide’, my friend, u could have used a better title for this post than this one.. i wudnt have said this to anyone else but coz u r intelligent enough to discover what u have.. i thought it wud be better if u changed the title… we dont want more silly people to take up smoking because of this reason.. do we????

    and yeah keep up the good work.. u might just find someting pathbreaking. and then ill know ur real name.. [:)]

  16. hi prateek,
    its nice that u understood the real reason behind it.
    now, about title i cudn’t come with any better title….if u have any in ur mind than do post.

  17. wow a REASON to SMOKE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>




  19. I remembered reading an article in time magazine years back that some Australian Doctors declare that “Smoking is good for your health”

    I also remembered America spent 1.6 billion $$$ per year to stop the cigarette companies but they failed till today.

    Smoking is bad for health is the political motivated US policy to stop Cuba and most countries that produce tobacco leaves.

    I have challenge several doctors in my own country to show me one patient who die because of smoking alone. Non of them can proof that.

    So why blame cigarette as the main cause of everything, dying, cancer and so on.

    Is KFC good for health? Coke, Pepsi, Fast food do not contribute to health hazard? Why dont the Govt issue a warning to those drinks and food that I’ve mention above? Why smoking become an issue?

    I 100% agree that what ever we do over limit is bad for health..including sport. Which one do u prefer to enter your house ..a drunked army or a smoking army. Who among those two will rape our wife or daughter first?

    I will never forget how the American lauched the campaign that cow’s milk is good for health to the third world countries compare to mother’s milk? What happen today? Do u still agree cow’s milk is good for health for the new born child?

    I will never forget how the American and Arab Saudi combined effort grow opium in Afganistan and sold it world wide to support the Muhajidin to fight the Soviet invasion of Afganistan.

    If USA can bought doctors to come out with the facts that cow’s milk is better than mother’s milk to clear their milk stocks. ( According to Prof Harvey in his Best seller book “Fit For Life” . What stop the US Govt from doing the same thing again to come out with thousand of reasons to say smoking is 100% bad for health?

    Are the US Judges stupid enough cannot band the cigarette companies in their own country if it is 100% proven that Smoking is the Main Cause of Health Hazard?

    Why the US disagreed with the Global Warming when the whole whole agrees with it? Which is more harmful to the world?

    In my humble opinion what ever we do or eat over bad for health. Else the Bible would had mention that “Thou Shalt Not Smoke”

    May we dont belong to the i i group that fool the people for political reasons using the doctors to present partly false facts.

    * i i = Intelligent Idiots.


  20. two wrongs don’t make a right. what makes smoking stand out from all other vices is that it affects those that do not even indulge in it. smokers are an inconsiderate lot that way.

  21. Yeah, Seond hand smoking is bad for health, there are 4000 killing chemicals in tobacco, and it goes on and on..but mad cow meat is good for health and Japan was forced to buy it form US. Weapons of Mass Destruction has been proven? Iraq was destroyed. Thats it.

    I do agree that smoking is not enviromental clean. Smokers must avoid smoking in public transport, restaurant and public places which may effect those who is elergic to smoke.

    But for Jesus sake..dont single out smoking as the main factor of health hazard. Is is good if u are not a smoker, but its best u r not a drinker too.

  22. Crack Pot !! You ve been without nut grabs

  23. i still don’t know why smoking is gd

  24. u all are tattaaaas

  25. it is not trie…you are lied to sosiety

  26. Nicotien have 138 chemical compounds thes are ale not available in other food product. thes components are required very small amount to our body and bio body organance this is avalable onely in the nicoteen .

  27. Congratulations on your Research What a commendable job you have done, Can you please write an article on How Use of crack/cocaine everyday affects your ability to think rationaly and how it makes you live in a dream la la land , I am sure you can share your personal experience on the above subject

  28. 1 cig….. make 3 min less of our life..frnds keep in your mind that… we all need to njoy every min of our life so ignore smoke… love u all tk cr..

  29. This article is hadd bakchodi….

  30. i disagree with #29 as people who smoke dont die earlier as my nan smokes and she is 87

  31. Smoking is a chemical addiction
    Nonsmokers and smokers all feel it is unhealthy, scientific evidence is not even necessary, just smell an ashtray and say it smells healthy….
    All smokers are junkies.
    Nonsmokers are not.

  32. this article is gd for research. cuz although i’m against smoking 100% its still nice to know i can get some info. cuz u see i’m in a debat class and i’m a con for lowering the smoking/drinking age so this artlicle was really kool! i agree with patreek

  33. In two days I will be 79. I have smoked 63 years am in excellent health. Dr’s are puzzled.

  34. ye sab bakwaaas sale kon likh raha hai???batao adress do salo ko encounter mei uda dena chahiye

  35. I don’t smoke, but I liked the info

  36. bla, bla, bla…they say this, they say that. do anyone of you smoke? what make you non-smokers say smoking is bad? the goverment? say, the goverment say that god doesnt exist, will you believe that? picture of dying people, lungs with tar, dont you think it is some sort of propaganda? so what if smokers smoke. we all have our own so-called deadly activities. mind your own business

  37. smoking is awsome it will help me lose weghit

  38. jk that wasent really sergio he hates smokers hes in tatu
    p.s. sorry sergio

  39. if the real sergio post anything its a lie becouse hes chuuby and mad

  40. hey jimmy hows it goimg ?

  41. Smoking is useless nothing beneficial to it, yes eating a burgers are unhealthy but at least ur gaining energy from the food right? Smoking only harm the person smoking, second hand smokers and the enviornment. ( due to smoke and littering of the cigarette).

  42. thank you all for ur kind responses.

    And as I can see most of them cudn’t understand my view.
    So all thos people please read my comments number:

    I hope this helps.

  43. I don’t smoke, but my father does. I wouldn’t do it, but I also see the smoker’s point of view.

    Other vices are just as dangerous to other people. If you have your .99c heart attack while driving down the same road as me, I’m in danger. If you have you “one or two drinks” at your bar, then drive home, you’re endangering others. Chew your nails??? That seems harmless, but as your chewing them while driving to the store and slobbering all over your fingers, think of how you are cross contaminate my shopping cart with some virus – you are harming me.

    Smoking stinks, and may be unhealthy, but it isn’t illegal. If it was so bad, don’t you think the govt would ban it?

    Speaking of stink – what about those perfume bathers?? I’m allergic to certain perfumes and if I have a reaction, it is bad for my health so maybe perfume wearing should be banned in restaurants also!!

    I’ve never seen such acceptance of discrimination of any kind. Replace the word “smoker or smoking” in the following sentences with the word “white man” “black man” or “gay”. If spoken, the speaker would be hung.

    No smoking at this bar.

    Smoking not allowed on the subway.

    Smokers are filthy.

    No smoking in the park.

    Smokers are bad.

    I am in total agreement that there are certain places that smoking should not be allowed, but people have been driving this bandwagon too far. If my dad wants a cigarette outside, then so be it. Leave him alone. Drinkers are allowed to get drunk and be irritating and obnoxious outside, people are allowed to goop up their fingers with spit then touch things that other people touch, so leave the smokers alone also.

    If my dad wants to smoke in his house or his car, then I will either accept it or shut up and not be where he is. I love my dad and my smoking friends for who they are and I accept their choices. It isn’t my place to judge and say they are bad, dirty and stinky people.

  44. smoking is bad jk

  45. who da f**k carez..1 cig reduces ur life by 15 min…am smokin 4m seven yrz 10 a day..n ma life mst b reduced by 1 yr as of now…i ll smoke fr 40 more yrz n will die 4 yrz early..itz as simple as dat..cheerz

  46. I thank you all for ur comments.

    With regards,

  47. Everything in excess is bad. Two to three cigs a day, not bad. Two to three pack a day, you’re in trouble.
    Chemicals in cigarettes? For Pete’s sake! Even the air we breathe have some harmful chemicals on it.
    So, let the one who holds a cigarette decide. The most important thing is RESPECT. And please, for all the puffers out there, smoke on the right place. We could understand your smoking habit but please understand non-smokers too.

  48. Smoking is bad habit. I can how 2 happen it. if some one smoke he can get cancer,lungs cancer, not erection his penis,west money. It is useless and bad activity…don,t smoke. It directly cause ur health..dear…! what can u get it…real fun??? or what…??? think about that 1st…..

  49. gay

  50. i would like 2 thank the writer bcoz i smoke n i know the joy of inhaling it………..
    smoking once or twice a day is not bad.

  51. i would like 2 thank the writer bcoz i smoke n i know the joy of inhaling it………..
    smoking once or twice a day is not bad.

  52. smoking is not good for health you kill your self when u smoke !! i smoke too but i will try to quit .

  53. my grandmother smoke an early 1920 until now, she are healthy. I’m also smoker, smoking can boost my brain..

  54. smoking rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. thats rite bitches it iz wowowowow

  56. see iam 19 years old
    im in confusion that is smoking good or bad for health
    can anyone suggest me the right one.

  57. i agree b`coz i 2 smoke…………

  58. HI venkatesh,

    Smoking is strictly bad. Do not just read this article and adopt the habit of smoking. it is because only in some extremely rare circumstances smoking can be good, i.e., when you are on medication and the side effects of drugs are life threatening, only than think of this methods. (Which i hope is not the case with you) Otherwise, never smoke.

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  60. Smoking is healthy. Look it up. The gov has lied 2 us actually. E-cigarettes are MUCH healthier then even smokin cigarettes! I dont smoke. I cant even smoke yet, too young. Maybe in the future. Dont no yet.

  61. smoking really is bad for you, emphysema, 85% lung cancer deaths, stroke, coronary heart disease, chronic obstructive lung disease, 5,000,000+ smoke related deaths each year… why smoke, it’s not cool, disgusting tar, bad breath, quit, don’t start. :(
    i’ve smoked, i quit

  62. smoking really is bad for you, emphysema, 85% lung cancer deaths, stroke, coronary heart disease, chronic obstructive lung disease, 5,000,000 smoke related deaths each year… why smoke, it\’s not cool, disgusting tar, bad breath, quit, don\’t start. :(
    i\’ve smoked, i quit

  63. smoking is bad for you heaps!!!!!!!!

  64. wow this doesnt explain anything.

  65. Smoking is good for you, what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger

  66. Hi,
    I thank all of you for your comments.
    I have edited this article to help you understand this article.

    With regards,

  67. Smoking just two cigarettes per day might not be harmful. In fact the longest ever lived human being “Jeanne Calment” did just that. However smoking more than 2 cigarettes might reduce the length of person’s life. Having 2 cigarettes per day is like happy smoking and could prolong the life.

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