Smoking – The Good The Bad And The Ugly

This article explains smokers opinions and the pros and cons about smoking.

Lately I have been researching why people smoke, the good of it, the bad things about it and the other things some people just don’t know about.

The Good:

Most smokers say that it gives them a very strong bond with other smokers some have a sense of gratification when they smoke. The drug nicotine gives them a feeling of pleasure. Some smokers says it gives them a break from there kids, and it is used as a stress reliever.

The Bad:

The list goes on but here a just a few key points –
That horrid after smell, nagging cough all day … But that’s nothing compared to not being able to breathe properly, heart disease, Decayed teeth , skin and fingernails turn yellow, having lots of phlegm and losing your voice half way through a sentence. One huge problem about smoking it is a social drug such as alcohol making it very addictive and hard to quit. Also smoking doesn’t help your income at all, buying them 2 – 4 times a week at average $7 dollars adds up fairly quickly you could use that money to socialise such as going out with friends or seeing a movie.

The Ugly:

When you inhale smoke you put over 4,000 chemicals into your body just some of these are Benzene the chemical found in paint stripper, Hydrogen Cyanide used in rat poison Ammonia the bleach found in toilet cleaner.

Smoking can also have some terrible effects on your body some of these include death at the age of 40.

It can also make blood vessels and blood cells sticky causing dangerous fatty material to build up.

The chemicals can lead to Macular degeneration (blindness) this is because the chemicals get into the bloodstream and induce the damage to the macula in the back of the eye.

Conclusion Of these facts:

Overall most people think smoking is not fit for any lifestyle as it can lead to disease, blindness, amputations and even death. Australia in particular have banned it from most hospitals, working areas, and some restaurants and clubs only allow smoking in car parks or in a designated area.

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  1. This is very Helpful and great for people who need reasons to quit.

  2. that was just GROSS

  3. its bad i dont wont air pallued

  4. thanku,
    i just filled up another index card
    with very helpful information!
    i appreciate the info :D
    n u should make another one
    I am doing a report bout smoking
    is very bad n why we sould quit :)
    sooo yeaa thx :D

  5. Very informative!!

  6. thaks 4 the stuff man

  7. thats i$ very helpful man

  8. smoking is amezing aye ;) :D

  9. smoking is propa amazin every1 should do it every day all da time i hav 6 tabs a day and i feel great!!!

  10. smokin is da best i realy like it so sode da health probs it makes ya feel high!!!! :)

  11. I rather enjoy smoking as you can spend time socialising and also you feel quite happy once you have had a ciggerrete.

  12. Smoking Is A Disgusting Habit And I Think That All You Smokers Out There Should Give It Your All To Try And Give Up Beocz Its Doing More Harm Than It Is Doing Any Good.

  13. Smoking is a very disgusting thing. As for me I smoke. But if I have a chance I’ll stop it without any doubt!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. thanks for the help this is great i am doing a report 2

  15. thank you for giving me more reasons to quit cause I just quit today and yeah thanks for the support, much love, amy g!

  16. listen to yourselfs. your all rediculus. stop.

  17. I smoke I only about 3 cigarettes a day just to relieve stress and barley inhale

  18. i think you should all stop espiecially if you have children because they could breath the air in and ruin there lungs and will probably do it when they are older aswell xxx

  19. that was amazing

  20. I just started smoking a few days ago, mainly because of my friends who smoke on a regular basis, I often took a few drags but after a while you start to crave cigarettes even if you never actually smoked a full one, I think that the bad facts about smoking are true I’m not going to try fabricate what is true and what isn’t, You do get a bad cough, I haven’t been smoking long enough to know about the yellow finger nails but my friends have been smoking for the last 5-6 years and there fine, so maybe it is over time and lack of hygiene plus the smoking. I don’t feel out of breathe at all even smoking 5-10 per day.

    I’m not saying it is cool or correct to smoke but I’m not trying to say it isn’t a good thing to start for the wrong reasons, I think a lot of people that do start smoking is either due to peer pressure or the lack of knowledge regarding smoking, I think the facts listed here are very intellectual and are good to know both for smokers and non smokers

  21. I have a stong opinion about smoking, a good thing should not be “socializing with friends”. You can socialize with other hobbies. Please ALL stop smoking – its really just hurting everyone.

  22. stupid

  23. Anu-teacher
    smoking habit that can destroy our life in all its colours

  24. tobacco taxes pays for freakin sidewalks that u walk on, roads that u drive on, street lights. child’s health care. and many more, stfu. its an addiction and its not RIGHT and JUST to tax an addiction. Lets just tax Tea, Soda, and anything with caffeine. you know while we are at it lets just tax alcohol out the wazzu because that effects and kills more ppl everywhere than tobacco. dagg-on-it people are so CLOSE minded.

  25. when u smoke u take 5-20mins. of ur life away 1,200 people die cause of smokeing so if u smoke quite right now or get some help

  26. Smoking is really bad, it gives u a really short life and damages your body. Its not worth smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :|

  27. smoking is good and you cant go wrong with a bit of… find out yourself im not your manager

  28. Shut up ‘ya mom’ u dnt know wat ya on about ya idiot

  29. Fu\’k of

  30. A people smoking BAD. you want to do then do it just don’t effect the people around you!if u lik it. then u lik it. nobodys stopping you. jus no wat your doing. cause in the end you get screwed!

  31. my mom and stepmom smake and i hate it but my step mom is trying to quit i need tips on how to get my mo to stop and this sight gave it to me oh and this sight is good for my project thanks

  32. i think it up to you if you smoke or not it i life style to some people and they should do what they want to do like its there life so that is that like

  33. am very cool

  34. if u smoke u r just KILLING YOURSELF…face it u wont c ur grandkids if u keep going!!!!! :( its just dumb

  35. i onli smoke gra$$ it gets me on hier dan the empire state builddin gets me stonda, buh am gonna stap cus ma teef are green

  36. i onli smoke gra$$ it gets me on hier dan the empire state builddin gets me stonda, buh am gonna stap cus ma teef are green

  37. somkins bad mkay

  38. i mean smokins bad mkay

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