Smoking: Why?

There are over one thousand million smokers in the world. This is unbelievable considering what damage this, considered an everyday thing. And that brings back to the title. Smoking: Why?

Smokers all give endless amount of excuses regarding the reason of why they smoke. It’s unreal how many people I know that smoke who ain’t happy that they smoke but still do for some reason. And it seems like the same excuses keep popping up…

“I’m stressed at work and I just need a cigarette to calm down and relax”

Some people seem to think that smoking some how lowers stress levels and relaxes them some how. The main ingredient included in a cigarette is nicotine. Nicotine actually raises your heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure. So how can some people say that smoking lowers stress level? In my opinion I think the whole “Stress” excuse is all in the head. 

“I work better after I’ve had a cigarette”

Smokers seem to think that somehow smoking actually helps keep concentration in places like work. Well actually the fact is that smoking actually deprives your brain from oxygen. This means when you’re smoking you’re actually killing brain cells, rather than increasing the concentration of the brain.

“I don’t smoke as much as I used to, I’ve cut down.”

First of all, before I start of with my rant. For all the ones that have cut down, this is a good first step to quiting, but there is a big difference between cutting down and quiting completely. Cutting down still doesn’t stop this infection from entering your body. And actually smokers who “cut back” often inhale more often and deeply, this means you’re canceling the benefits of cutting back. My opinion is after about 2 weeks of cutting back i suggest that you set a QUITING date.

Benefits of Quiting

After only Twenty minutes your blood pressure actually lowers to normal, after only Eight hours the carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal. After Forty-eight hours your nerve endings actually start regrowing and the senses of smell and taste are enhanced! And this is only after Two days. Quiting will also help your financial status too, for example the average smoker in the UK buys a pack of Twenty Cigarettes everyday, the average price for one pack is £6, this means that the average smoker spends over £2000 on cigarettes alone. This means if you were to quit for one month you could maybe buy yourself a new Ipod Touch or some sort of small treat that you’ve been keeping your eye on. If your were to quit for half a year you’d be able to afford a small shopping spree or something similar. Now you could afford a small holiday each year just for not smoking a drug that could potentially shave your lifespan by 10 years and raise the risk of a heart condition.

Smoking is nothing but a disgusting habit and habits were invented to overcome.

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