Some Disturbing Facts on Tobacco and Its Addiction

Cigarette addiction or the smoking habit is not one of the coolest things you can try. It is always better to be sure before you get hooked to this long term and destructive habit

below are some truths about smoking laid bare:

·       Tobacco is the greatest cause of lung and oral cancer.

·       Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction in men is normally caused by tobacco.

·       If pregnant women continue to smoke, they can give birth to a diseased baby.

·       A chance of a second heart attack looms large if a person who has had it once continues to smoke.

·       Similarly, a second cancer can be in the making if cancer patients continue smoking.

·       If parents smoke in their daily life, they will be spreading diseases to their children by keeping them in the vicinity of smoke.

Quitting depends entirely on whether you accept the consequences of smoking or not. The choice is yours. It’s ultimately your life, and everything that has happened to it up until this very moment is a result of your choices. To live life by the cigarette is to live life in an ash-tray. George Bernard Shaw rightly said, A “cigarette is a roll of paper that has fire at one end and a fool at the other.” You now have the knowledge and the techniques to quit smoking for good – so no more excuses – don’t even think about having a “final puff”. Start cleaning up your life at this very moment. Get your friends to support you, team work will always make coping with life’s difficulties easier. Do what you need to do to stop smoking – no more excuses – no more procrastination, today is the day that you take action!

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