Steps to Help You Quit Smoking

Quit Once And For All.

It’s never easy to give up a daily habit especially a daily fix of nicotine, but if you go about it the right way it will not be as hard as you think. The problem is most people throw in the towel pretty quickly and say “ I just can’t give up” but that is a lie. You can give up, you just don’t want to.

Step One – Cut down very slowly, say you smoke twenty a day try aiming for fifteen a day for a week. Then after one week trying cutting it down to ten per day and so on. By doing this your mind will slowly adapt to having less nicotine without going into cravings overdrive.

Step Two – Every time you buy a packet of cigarettes think of the money you would have saved in you didn’t buy them, also think about the improvements to your health every time you say no to a smoke. If you have friends how smoke politely ask them to stop smoking near you. 

Step Three -  When you feel the need to light up do something you enjoy to take your mind of it, use the money you have saved from giving up smoking and buy yourself a treat, after all you deserve it for coming this far.

Step Four – constantly remind yourself why you wanted to stop smoking in the first place e.g. I wanted to save money or improve my health. By reminding yourself of the reasons you quit in the first place will help keep you on the right track. 

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