Stop Smoking, Get Happier Say Scientists

Cutting the habit may be your way of feeling happier.

For those who decide to quit smoking there’s an added benefit – you may be much happier if you do so.  We’re not talking about some random ‘I feel good for having done it’ type of feeling; we’re talking about a scientifically measurable state of happiness that comes as a direct result of no longer putting a cigarette in your mouth.

U.S. researchers came to their conclusions by following up with smokers who had been participating in a stop smoking trial.  They revisited the ex-smokers from one to three years after they concluded their trial.  They found that over the long term, people who stopped smoking were happier and more satisfied with their lives than people who didn’t quit.

Quality of Life Improved

In measuring the 1,500 people in the trial the researchers calculated quality of life in terms of health, self-worth, philosophy of life and personal relationships.  Many smokers, the researchers said, think quitting will decrease their happiness because they see smoking as something that provides them with a useful routine, supports relationships, and takes away a tool – no matter how unhealthful that tool – that helps them cope with life’s ups and downs. 

But the scientists’ research found that no such negativity occurred among those who quit smoking.  Just the opposite happened.  People who quit felt their lives had actually improved in terms of quality, health, positive outlooks and relationships.  And, the quitters also found that they were less stressed after having quit.

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  1. Beneficial research and information that can encourage the smokers quit their cigarette smoking habit.

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