Stop Smoking The Natural Way

Pharmaceutical companies want to make you believe that you need their products to stop smoking. Tobacco companies want you to think you are hopelessly addicted. It doesn’t have to be that way.

  Healthy lungs are essential to life and it is no secret that smoking damages them. Not only does it hurt our health, it is severely detrimental to our pocketbooks as well. With a pack of 20 cigarettes going for around $5 these days, this is one habit that we would all be better off without. There are much better things in life to spend our money on.

  Many people these days want to quit, but they feel like slaves to nicotine. Why? Because they have been told that they are addicted and the only way to quit is by purchasing expensive smoking cessation products. Why would pharmaceutical companies perpetuate this myth? Could it be that they are making millions of dollars selling these overpriced products? I tend to believe this is the case.

  You see, I was once a smoker too. A pack a day for around 15 years. However I quit around 11 years ago, permanently and I have no desire to smoke. I’m going to give you tips to help you do the same. It will only work if a person is willing to keep an open mind and give it a genuine try.

Tip 1) You must do this cold turkey.

 Tapering off did not work for me and I doubt it would work for anyone. Get rid of all smoking paraphernalia including ashtrays. Wipe down the inside of your car or any other areas that might retain an odor of smoke. Stay away from anyone else who smokes. If you have a smoker in your household, ask them to please take it outside.

Tip 2) Stay hydrated.

  Drink lots of water especially, to flush your body. The first couple of days will be the roughest, so if you have an urge to smoke, drink a glass of water instead. As you drink, think about the water cleansing your insides and enjoy the feeling of washing the poisons from your body.

Tip 3) Exercise.

 This is extremely important. Walking, biking, swimming. Anything you can do to get your heart and lungs working. First off, exercise will keep you from gaining weight when you stop smoking. Secondly, it is essential for your mental and emotional health. When those cravings come, get out and walk. Now I will tell you my trick.

While you walk, run etc., feel the fresh air as you inhale and enjoy it. Every time you exhale, imagine that the poisonous tar and nicotine that have been deposited on your lungs, are being eliminated. This is a mental exercise that really works but you must be persistent and keep doing this regularly.

Tip 4)  Get your family involved.

  Good habits are contagious. Your example may very well keep someone else from falling into the trap or inspire another to quit as well. If you have a family, try to encourage them to exercise with you. Everyone will benefit.

Tip 5) Stay busy and keep your mind occupied.

  If you allow yourself to think about smoking, the cravings will come back and overwhelm you. You must find ways to avoid that. Just remember that the rough period is short as long as you follow these tips. The first 2 or 3 days will be difficult, but once you make it through that, it will get much easier. Don’t give in and sneak one because that will more than likely put you right back where you started from. Every day you abstain is progress toward permanently quitting. Remember that there are many good reasons to quit and no good reasons to continue. I’m convinced that anyone can do this. No matter how long you’ve smoked, it is almost never too late to benefit. You will smell better, feel better and have a lot more money in your pocket.

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  1. These are very useful tips to follow.

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