Strawberry Methamphetamines and Other Flavors

Kids are perfect target for this drug ruse…..

Calexico Port Officers Intercept Methamphetamine Load Worth $330,000 (Photo credit: CBP Photography)

It’s happening all over now and started about 2007.  The makers of Methamphetamine started out with a particular color of the pill and decided at one point to change the coloring to a pink.  This is believed to be the inspiration of Drug Dealer’s decision to coat these  Methamphetamine pills to come in flavors like Nestle’s strawberry, even chocolate to make them more inviting to the younger, less experienced person.  But the fact is that it is only a coating on the pill and the effects will be just as devastating and addictive.  But more than that it can render a child into a serious medical condition and a stay in the Hospital, if not worse.

Just to expound on the flavors again, so that you may pass this on to your child is that they also come in Peanut Butter flavor, Caramel – any tempting flavor that a child would want to enjoy.  So it’s best to tell your child to never accept candy from anyone, including close friends because they may have if inadvertantly.

Latino Children Play Swing (Photo credit:

The target is our School Children and it’s important that Parent’s consult with the Schools on a regular basis to see if anything abnormal is happening amongst the student body.   However, usually a good school will send out information.  About 14 years ago, a very controversial and Activist Priest and his Community heard that certain stores that crop up in the Inner Cities were selling  small bottles of fruit flavored drinks that had alcohol and possibly other harmful substances in them.  The Community picketed until those stores were run out of business.

If a parent has time, it’s good to become attached to something constructive with the school to stay abreast of what is going on.  The PTA, PTO, Parent Guarding, Chaperoning, a lot of knowledge is gained when you are close to the school which in return keeps the school on their toes to be more aware that Parents are concerned.  It works.  When and if you can, always attend the Parent Meetings which usually are scheduled after your Work Day.  It’s worth it if you can keep these Drug Dealers away from our children!

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