Surprising Reasons to Stop Smoking

Sexual life, teeth and skin are directly affected by smoking.

Smoking affects sexual life

Men who smoke have more problems with sexual function. Experts believe that just two cigarettes a day can lead to weak erections in men who smoke. Also, men who smoke have an increased risk of erectile dysfunction and may face even shrinking sexual organs.

How smoking affects the virility: Nicotine acts as a vasoconstrictor, which means you raise the blood vessels, affecting blood flow. Erections depend on blood flow, such as smoking directly affects a man’s ability to maintain erection.

Over time, nicotine damage arteries, decreases testicular size and sperm production blocks. It is therefore very important for men to try to quit smoking. In time, giving up this vice improves overall quality of health.

Smoking leads to loss of teeth

People who smoke have dark teeth, but this is not so dangerous as loss of teeth. Smokers are more exposed and periodontal gum disease. Even people who smoke will take care of teeth and many treatments can not stop the effect of nicotine on teeth and gums.

How smoking affects your teeth and gums: perodontal tissue, which includes the gums, and bones, provides oxygen and nutrients needed to support the teeth.

By reducing blood flow, smoking proper oxygenation of tissues, leading to premature aging. Also, fumatull inhibit the body’s ability to fight infection and bacteria are found naturally in the oral cavity, leading to chronic inflammation.

Experts believe that only after one month of smoking, blood flow is improved mouth, teeth and gums and receive oxygen and nutrients.

Smoking leads to sagging breasts

In recent years, experts believe that smoking contributes to sagging breasts significant proportion. Smoking reduces the amount of elastin protein fibers necessary firmness and skin elasticity.

How smoking affects breast elasticity: Smoking affects the appearance of the breast skin, which is deprived of oxygen and nutrients. Once the breasts have left, no treatment can not restore its original shape. Skin appearance but will improve with smoking cessation.

Smoking causes the formation of wrinkles

Smoking affects the quality of skin, leading to premature aging and reduce its ability to protect themselves from the harmful rays of the sun. Smoking is a risk factor especially for sensitive skin around the eyes.

How smoking affects the skin: Nicotine in cigarettes narrows the blood vessels in the skin, leading to poor blood circulation. This leads to poor oxygenation of the skin. Also, the chemicals in cigarette smoke destroys collagen and elastin fibers that keep skin elasticity and firmness.

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  2. Do these apply for marijuana smokers as well or just cigaret smokers?

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