Ten Ways to Quit Smoking

Here are my ten tips that will help you quit smoking.

 1.     Don’t be nervous: Do you know that the main cause of smoking is nervousness? Remove any smoking related instruments from your eyesight. Change your working environment or working procedure. Put gums, fruits and drinks around you. Take small breaks between work and have exercise everyday to relax.

2.     Weight problem: You gain weight once you start to quit smoking. It is because your metabolic rate slows down with no or less nicotine intake. You will also eat more when you quit smoking. So exercise more to boost up your metabolic rate and burn the excess calories away.

3.     Be determined: Change your old habits. Do remind yourself the reason you quit smoking all the time. Your smell and taste will change within a few days after you quit. Just be determined.

4.     Find a replacement: For example, brush your teeth more frequently. It helps to produce a smell that stops you from smoking. Start some interesting conversations to distract yourself from smoking. If you love to light a smoke after you have coffee every morning, drink tea every morning instead of drinking coffee.

5.     Bet with people around you: Bet that you won’t smoke again. Let everyone know that you are going to quit smoking. You can gain a lot of support from your friends and family this way.

6.     Have less party: People at parties like to invite you to smoke. If you just started to quit, you are likely to be convinced by the friends around you. Restrain yourself from going to these parties until you feel that you can resist such temptations.

7.     Have more exercise: Having exercise can raise your mood. At the same time, it can clam you down and help you to burn more calories.

8.     Throw away your lighter and ashtray: Avoid anything that is going to stimulate you to smoke.

9.     Distract yourself: At the start, have activities that you won’t do before to distract yourself from smoking. Entertain yourself by surfing the net, talking will friends or buying a new widget, just do anything that divert you from smoking.

10. Stand the temptation from smoking again: Smoke after you decided to quit doesn’t mean a complete failure to you. Just analysis why you broke the rule and find ways to stop yourself from smoke again. Never give up.

Hope you can quit smoking successfully and live a better live in the future!

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