Tragic Story of Little Film Actors Home Alone

The drugs were judged to be not enough, he adds with heroin.

Macaulay Culkin on the cover of National Enquirer.

Although representatives Macaulay Culkin has denied the artist becomes a drug addict, the news of the actor as a heavy drug user doesnot subside. On the contrary, many are curious and searched his former life the story of these young artists.

Culkin is a successful child actor thanks to his role as Kevin McCalister in the movie “Home Alone”. The film managed to suck up the world’s attention. Culkin’s name continues to climb. In fact, at the age of a child, he had become a millionaire. His life wallowing in luxury.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, at the age of 12 years, Culkin has had a comfortable life, living in luxury apartments for 2 million pounds, or around Rp29,4 billion. He became a billionaire little.

The first time he got paid $ 70 thousand pounds, or about Rp 1 billion. Then honorarium increased dramatically to 3 million pounds, or approximately Rp44 billion for the sequel “Home Alone”.

Many were surprised by the success achieved by the boy. However, everything changed when he began to enjoy the glamor and popularity. Culkin also felt uncomfortable with his father. He felt his father was too controlling.

When his career is on the rise, precisely at the age of 14, he decided to quit acting. After that, his father left Culkin and his family. While the mother, to get custody of Culkin and her sisters.

Culkin wealth, amounting to 11 million pounds frozen until he matures. He then began to feel lonely and made friends with Michael Jackson, who has lived the same story. In fact, Culkin had witnessed when Michael was accused of abusing children.

Graduated high school at the ageof 17, Culkin began to know love. He was in a relationship with Rachel Miner and marry her boyfriend is. Marriage is not running smoothly. They were later divorced.

He also lived a life that is free after a widower status. Then he knew Mila Kunis and dating the actress. Again, the affair with Mila began to be unstable. They were broken up.

Reportedly, as reported by the National Enquirer, a breakup makes Culkin fled to drugs and medicines. He reportedly became addicted to drugs and also drugsto relieve pain. This issue is increasingly tight, when the camera caught Culkin February with an unusual appearance.

His body was super thin, just skin overlying the bone. Culkin also looks much older than actual age. Fine hairs meghiasi her pale face. In fact, according to neighbors, the appearance of a crumpled Culkin makes it no different fromthe bum.

Stars who have triumphed and the wealthy, now appear sad with the worrying state of health. He is rumored to have been addicted to heroin and drugs. Culkin has to spend millions of dollars for these illicit goods mengosumsi per month.

According to sources, he also spent time playing poker with hisfriends. And then followed by a party drug.

“He’s been addicted for a year and a half. In the vicinity of her life is addicted,” said the source.

One of his friends could have guessed, would not be alive much longer Culkin. “He will have dying of heroin addiction, oxycodone and other painkillers. I have witnessed it,” he said.

Culkin, uajr him, 300 to 400 pills buy painkillers. But the drugs were judged to be not enough anymore, so he adds with heroin. Cardiologists consider lifestyle Culkin endanger his health. Feared he would get a heart attack.

From an unhealthy lifestyle, the alleged bib will only survive for another six months. However, this is disputed representative Culkin. They consider the issue baseless and ridiculous.

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