Video Addiction..! or an Entertainment..!

Article is about video games,does these are providing real entertainment.

Video games , these are one of the ways to entertainment. Video games may include many type like high end computer games,on line games which are played through Internet or traditional type like played on televisions.These are designed mostly by targeting children and youth. But does these video games really entertaining the audience to which these are targeted to?

The answer will be no.. as because these are making people to addict , the most targeted are being between the ages 8 to 18 years of age, which recent surveys and researches state.

video games addiction causes many effects related to psychological problems ,these effects will be on social life, family life and mostly in children who cannot enjoy their schooling time, as these will increase a type of anxiety feeling in them this will make them rude ,over competitive which in long run will have very bad effect in their lives. The major effect of video game addiction is mostly found in teenagers,  is that this will kill creativity, actual thinking nature and will develop a virtual thinking nature which does not work in this real world.

We can not  judge video games only as some horrible thing but we must beware about them that these are designed or developed only for entertainment for a specific time frame to enjoy and to time pass,mostly can be for a few hours of a day like some 1 to 2 hours..

and as coming to school students and children aging from some 8 years..parent should keep an eye on them and encourage them to play out door games..this will make them keep fit physically and also will be a goods booster for their creativity as they will interact with other children of their age.   

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