Ways to Stop Smoking Naturally

The following article suggests some of best ways to stop smoking naturally. Read on to know of tips on how to quit smoking, without taking any nicotine products…

Will Power and Determination
The first step to stop smoking is to make up your mind. Will power and strong determination are the pre-requisites to overcome any kind of addiction. Perhaps going through the stop smoking benefits as well as knowing about the ill effects of smoking will motivate you to stop smoking. But the whole point is that unless and until your mind is completely made up to quit smoking, you can not put the tips and methods mentioned here on how to quit smoking into practice.
You can not be successful in your endeavor to stop smoking naturally, unless you have a plan for it. There are two ways to go about quitting this addiction. The first one is to reduce the number of cigarettes, slowly and slowly, with each passing day. The second one is to go “cold turkey” i.e. give up completely at one go. See which of these methods suits you and then adopt it. Also, set a date by which you will stop smoking cigarettes. Once your mind is set and plan is in order, make use of some of the most useful methods to stop smoking naturally.

Hypnotherapy sessions are conducted by making the patient lie down on a bed or couch, in a relaxed position and then getting access through his subconscious mind. The process itself is very soothing for the patient and helps him in keeping calm. During the session, when the patient is in an alternate state, the hypnotherapist impresses upon him to stop smoking and to not fall into nicotine addiction. This in a way helps in psychologically eliminating his cravings for smoking a cigarette, thus aiding in smoking cessation.

This technique is now one of the commonly used ways to stop smoking cigarettes. In this a person is made to visualize that he has actually achieved his goal to quit smoking. This helps in keeping his motivation levels high and thus, he does not revert back to smoking again.

Taking natural herbs or herbal supplements is another of the effective ways to stop smoking naturally. Some of the herbs used to stop smoking naturally are St John’s Wort, Lobelia, Passion Flower and ginger root. These herbs have various benefits such as they relax the mind, thus reducing any kind of irritability or stress that a person experiences when he stops smoking. Lobelia is one herb which has the same effect on the nervous system as nicotine and so is often taken by people trying to quit smoking. Many a times, it is seen that while quitting smoking, a person faces withdrawal symptoms like indigestion and nausea. By taking herbs such as ginger root, these symptoms are kept in check.

Acupuncture and Aromatherapy
One of the best way to quit smoking is to rely on alternate therapies like acupuncture and aromatherapy. Once a person has quit smoking completely, these therapies can help him a lot in facing the withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting nicotine. Acupuncture is a technique by which specific body points are targeted, thus healing and soothing a person. In aromatherapy, patients are made to inhale various kinds of herbal aromas which relax their mind.

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