What is Your Age: Really!

When the person is asked the most common question “what’s your age?” the respondents just state almost blindly that they are “X years old” if they want to answer with a number, even without getting to understand the question completely. However, is the number of years they state their true age? Let us check on a few facts about ages.

1. Age of the Body:

The person is presented the most beautiful gift when they are formed and born, their body. Knowing the importance of “being” alive, our ancestors have grade the age of the person based on the number of years that they had survived on the planet, which happens to be the chronological age of the body, which can also be referred to the number of summers/winters that the person has survived on this blue planet (age of being). The person states their ‘age of the being’ only, until they are aware about the other types of ages.

2. Age of the Mind:

While the bodies of the individuals mature in their own way, it is equally important that the persons mature in their mind as well. Therefore, it has to be understood that the mental maturity, which could be calculated by the intelligence quotient or creativity quotient. This need not be equivalent to the physical maturity, which could be way ahead or behind of the other age that is stated commonly. Mental maturity states the person’s ability to control their mind so well that they can help the whole world with it.

3. Age of the Emotions:

The baby is bestowed upon with the bundle of emotions that it has to groom and carry along with it throughout its life and therefore emotional maturity or the emotional age of the person should also be checked regularly to be on the right track. This is crucial in achieving the right emotional quotient to enable the persons to not get into mental, healthcare or social problems.

4. Age of the Interpersonal Relationships:

A baby would not interact the same way as the adult would interact with others and therefore the person’s age in lines with their relationship with others should also be known. The good thing is that with appropriate training this age can be increased or decreased as required.

5. Age of the Social Structure:

The society could be socialistic, fascist, communist-based, democratic, feudal, capitalist or any other forms, which would also have an impact on the age of the person in their social structure. However, the social structure would not be mentioned in terms of just numbers, as there are lots of other qualitative factors involved.

6. Age of the Civilization:

Cannibals in the dense jungles, citizens in the river-bank civilizations, settlers as hunters, farmers or industrialists all can live in the same world, but are from different ages, who tend to be bound to their rituals and norms of livelihood and this also gives another perspective of age to the persons, based on their cultural and civility values.

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  1. deep analysis

  2. I’ve never seen articles like this. I’m glad I came across this, its quite interesting.

  3. Interesting. But if we are to counter question, then we will have to explain how and why there are different ages, and it will take ages to finally answer their query.

  4. Thanks a lot Girish, Tiki and Uma.

    @Uma: It is better to educate as many as possible, than to get stressed about our own age. One may also choose to tell the least of these ages and stay young forever!

  5. I took a quiz titled ‘How old is your brain?’ in the past, and it says i’m only 5 years old. I think that’s a joke, but after some Googling, I found out that in fact, the mental age can really be determined, and it does not necessarily equals to our own age based from date of birth. I’m interested also with the idea of Age of Social Status.

  6. Good article, interesting.

  7. Good analysis

  8. Thanks friends.

  9. Very good

  10. Very cooool!

  11. Thanks Eunice and Arifeen

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