Why It’s So Hard to Quit Cold Turkey; A Smokers Guide

Cigarette addiction is physical and mental. For this reason, smokers often have to confront issues like irritability, insomnia, and depression after quitting on the spot. This mental withdrawal can last upward of three months to sometimes over a year.

Here are some things that can be done to help with the problems associated with quitting cold turkey.

Choose a time when you don’t have as many pressures and responsibilities to go cold turkey. For example summer vacations or long holidays may work for you. This tension free period may be just what you need as people generally smoke when under mental pressure.

Drink a lot of fluids. This aids your body to get hydrated and it is also something for your mouth to use as a substitute for cigarettes. This also helps your system to get rid of toxins quickly. Obviously try to avoid alcoholic drinks.

Stay clear of situations that cause stress and anxiety. Avoid places and functions where you know there will be smoking.

When the desire to smoke hits you close your eyes and count to 10 with some deep breathes immediately. You may find using a substitute (such as chewing gum and going for a jog) will help pass the cravings you get.

If you are quitting cold turkey you need to watch what you eat. Avoid excessively greasy food and don’t consume any stimulants like caffeine or alcohol. These substances can interfere with normal bodily processes like the desire to sleep (which is actually really important when you are going through withdrawal).

During the process, you might forget the factors that prompted you to give up smoking so make a list of them and keep it with you.

Also, your friends and relatives should know about your situation in order to give you moral support.

Remember, one puff and you are back to ground zero. Find healthy alternatives that you can replace with smoking for when you get cravings (some people eat candy or chocolate, go for a jog or run, or even suck on straws or toothpicks).

To reinforce your decision and to make it permanent, you need to alter your frame of mind while you are trying to quit. Be aware of the negative impact of nicotine addiction, and know that it is not necessary for you. Make a conscious decision to understand that smoking is not an integral part of who you are. This will help start you to hate even the idea of smoking. Once these aspects are clarified in your mind, you can easily go with the cold turkey method.

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  1. if you put your heart to it, it works!

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