Ambitious People at Risk of Dying Young

In this study, researchers from the University of Notre Dome studied 717 people aged 50 years or older with a high caliber.

Have an ambitious nature is sometimes advantageous, especially in your career life. Ambitious attitude into the urge to do something with the best results. Unfortunately, according to a recent study, ambitious people who are likely to have health and life expectancy rates are low.

“People who are ambitious to have higher educational attainment, enter the best universities, working in a prestigious and earn more income, which looks as if they were ready to have it all. However, have the ambition, much lower effect on life satisfaction and right- really have a negative impact on opportunities for long life, “said lead researcher Timothy Judge quoted by Fox News on Wednesday (11/4).

Most of the participants have a level of intelligence above the average, with a bachelor’s degree from leading universities such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Oxford, who work as doctors, professors and so forth. In contrast, only a few people who get a college education with a less prestigious career is mediocre.

Then the researchers measured how satisfied they were within five points of life of participants, such as terms of employment, home life, recreational activities, health and happiness in life.

“People who are ambitious to succeed in school and at work may live longer. However, the ambitious but did not find success in the two areas tend to have shorter life expectancies,” said Judge.

Judge adds the ambitious set very high standards for themselves and when they achieve success, they raised the standards again. Finally, many people who deceive themselves into thinking that success holds the key to a happy and healthy. If not achieved, then it will always be so negative.

“Ambition is important, but still there are many other more important things, like a harmonious family relationships, friendships are lasting and so on,” he explained.

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