American Males Die Young

It’s surprising that Americans die younger than in other developed countries. Car accidents, drug overdoses and gun violence are the leading causes for violent deaths. Health care in America accounted for premature death from sickness and disease.

A study done by the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council compared death rates and health measures for people of all ages. A broad range of studies of mortality and health provided the evidence. About three times as many American youths died from gun violence as in other developed countries.The rate of gun violence was 20 times higher in the U.S than in other developed countries.

Deaths in males less than fifty accounted for the difference in life expectancy between American males and those in other developed countries.  Some of the other countries studied were, Canada, Germany, Japan, Portugal, and Australia.  The panel came to the conclusion that the high rate of disease and shorter lives, apart from violence and accidents, Was  the U.S. health disadvantages which are  responsible for  “dragging the country to the bottom in terms of life expectancy.” American males ranked last in life expectancy among 17 developed countries.

Dr. Steven Woolf, chair of the department of family medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University said, “Something is fundamentally wrong. This is not a product of a particular administration or political party. Something at the core is causing the U.S. to slip behind other high income counties and it’s getting worse.” 

Will the Health Care taking effect in 2014 make a difference? We wont know until it happens and we  see the results. It’s my understanding that families who earn  lower wages will have help paying insurance premiums. Otherwise they will be fined for not having insurance. Families are fearful  they wont be able to pay insurance premiums and will be forced to pay fines.  Supposedly Medicaid will be available for families with very low income. One thing is certain, we need health care for all our citizens, no just those who can afford to pay high premiums.

I disagree with Dr. Steven Woolf. I believe it is politics. The GOP fought tooth and nail against Obamas Health Care bill and kept the president from getting everything he wanted. We wont really know until 2014 exactly what was accomplished.

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  1. The reason they fought the “health” bill is that they read it and knew it was going to make things tougher for all of us.

  2. The reason they fought the \”health\” bill is that they read it and knew it was going to make things tougher for all of us.

  3. Tulan, I am not sure what the outcome will be, but one thing is for sure, we’ll find out in 2014, and time will surely tell.

  4. How many people outside USA know the true status of America, except for the high-class societies, which is only highlighted everywhere!

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