Best Eight Ways to Extend Your Life Expactancy

How long do you want to live? It is really really very awkward to ask anyone, as we all know that the naked truth of life is death and it is really very much uncertain, unknown to us.

How long do you want to live? It is really really very awkward to ask  anyone, as we all know that the naked truth of life is death and it is really very much uncertain, unknown to us. But what we can do, we can try to expand our life span by taking some special activities or changing lifestyle or to follow pathfinders who got the tricks to know ‘how to live long’ or have achieved the greater life span. It is seen that lifestyle is quite responsible to enhance life expectancy. Due to poor lifestyle we use to suffer from health related problem. And if we continue this lifestyle, within few months then the problem will be turned into chronic diseases. For that reason we cannot acquire longer life. So what should be our lifestyle and which way we should go? 

Life expectancy could be increased if you follow the guidelines truly and devotedly for your life. 

1. Sleeping and life expectancy: Sleep and life expectancy are interrelated. Sleep for 7 hours is the best way to regain energy. As per the sleep expert those who sleep 7hours a day can be healthy, energetic as well as live for long. Even some experts suggest that siesta after lunch is good for your heart.

2. Meditation:  Study shows that the effect of meditation can enhance life expectancy remarkably well.  A new study found that those who practice meditation daily can less likely to suffer from heart attack, can be energetic and less likely suffer from any diseases that can make you weak. Meditation keeps you fit in both ways – mentally and physically. Devraha Baba who died in 1989 and he was  aged +250 years old.

3. Exercise And Expectancy of Life: We need to be fit if we want to live long. And nothing could be better than exercise which can help you to live long.  Research reveals the fact that those who exercise regularly add more 3 years to their life expectancy. In our daily life we have some toxic agents in our body. And if we cannot wash them out then these could be problematic for us. Only Exercise can rescue us from this situation.

4. Happiness: Happiness plays a great role in respect of long life. Those who are happy about their life are capable to handle life prudently. Happiness and life expectancy are inter-related. If you live long and live without any diseases then you should be happy and if you are happy then you can have enormous life.  As per research it is seen that happier outlook enhance life easily and vastly.

5. Relaxation: To get back our stability or energy or life expectancy from the work out we use to do for the whole day we need relaxation. Relaxation revitalizes our mind, body and encourages us to be positive and prepared for the next assignment of life. Anxiety or stress does not good for our life. Starting a day with anxiety or any kind of stress can mess our whole day. If we live such life then our life could be jeopardize. And we will lose the importance of our life as well as we could lose the life expectancy.

 6. Bad habits: our bad habits and our life expectancy are interrelated. Study shows that smokers and drinkers cut 12 years of their life. We often indulge ourselves into these kinds of habits. And we are unable to stop it. Research depicts the fact that smokers and drinkers use to suffer multiple diseases like high blood sugar, cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancer and many more diseases. Other than smokers and drinkers, party animals use to mess up their life. And consequently they have shorter, brittle lifespan for the rest of the life.
7. Diet: Diet and life expectancy are very much inter-related. You need to select your diet properly. A new study found that those who consume cereals daily can live longer life than those who do not consume. Another study found that the life expectancy of vegetarians is stronger than the non-vegetarians.
8. Vitamin D: Australian and Dutch research proves that vitamin D is fully responsible for your life expectancy. So how could you acquire vitamin D freely? The exposure of sun is the only way you can acquire plenty of vitamin D. So try to make yourself out of the room in the day time and get plenty of vitamin D.

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