Five Sure Signs You’re Getting Old

Whether we like it or not, we get old. We can fool ourselves, but, it’s a real bummer when other people begin to notice.

We all get old; it’s a natural fact of life.  But, most of us also try hard to deny it, hoping that if we pay it no mind, we can somehYour ow stave off Father Time.  You know what I mean; hair coloring, trendy clothes, and following all the latest fashions, as if this will keep age at bay.  Well, news flash, pardner; no matter what you do, time will catch up with you, and if you’re not paying attention, it will hit like a train wreck.  And, other people are sure to notice.

The key to aging well is to recognize the signs and go with the flow.  Know your limits and stay within them.  For help in recognizing when it’s time to admit to age creeping up on you, here are 5 signs that, no matter what you’ve done to your hair or clothing, tell you you’re getting old.

Your wife no longer asks you to lift boxes around the house.  Now, I’ve never bought into the urban legend that women are the weaker sex; after all, they’ve been running rings around men for millenia.  But, until they think you’re getting old and it might be dangerous, they ask you to help move heavy things.  When they stop asking, watch out!  They think you’re over the hill.

When you visit an elderly relative in the nursing home, you’re mistaken for a resident.  You might think its just because you forgot the Grecian Formula that morning, but look in the mirror.  That’s right, they think you’re old, jack; live with it.

You’re talking with a young person, and you realize that you don’t understand a word they’re saying.  There’s probably nothing that dates you as much as language.  I still use the word ‘gay’, for instance, to refer to ‘happy’ people.  Gets lots of laughs at parties.

Your idea of exercise is searching for the TV remote control.  If bending over to tie your shoes is exhausting, not only are you getting old, but  you’re probably getting fat as well.

People offer you a seat on public transportation.  Personally, I don’t have a problem with this one, except the time a pregnant woman offered me her seat.  Now, that was a low blow.

When these things happen, it’s best not to fight.  Trying to deny that you’re getting long in the tooth, or getting upset, will only make people think that you’re getting cranky as well as old. Go with the flow and enjoy the perks that come with age.  You get to say things that would get a younger person in hot water, your wife doesn’t ask you to do as many chores, you get a seat on a crowded subway, and, best of all, you can get discounted senior citizen prices at lots of places.  Respond to them with a smile and a ‘thank you.’  That way, you’ll be thought of as someone who is growing old gracefully, and not a grumpy old man.

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  1. Ah, yes, time the enemy of youth… LOL, love the t about looking for the remote, too funny.

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