Foods That Will Keep The Wrinkles Away

Foods that are recommended for us to eat to reduce the problem of wrinkles.

Have you ever thought what we eat everyday might be creating our wrinkles?

As a person grows older we often hear “I wish I knew of something magical to get rid of these wrinkles”.

Then they run out and buy all those potions and lotions and some even go as far as plastic surgery to correct these problems.

There has been millions of dollars spent that went to this kind of industry.

What people was searching for was a radiant, youthful glow and according to Christine Horner, a nationally plastic surgeon stated in several magazines ,this is something I could not give them surgically by tucking and tightening.I have read several research articles on this particular subject and it has been proven to possibly revitalize skin and hair.It comes from the inside from what we eat and drink.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of this about these skin problems be prevented?

Researchers has found that certain foods may be our answers in preventing premature aging when we eat foods that have antioxidants.

Foods that will keep the wrinkles awaY are:

  1. Mono-unsaturated fat
  2. Olive oil
  3. Fish
  4. Reduced milk and yogurt
  5. Eggs
  6. Nuts
  7. Legumes (limas and broad beans)
  8. Veggies (leafy,spinach,eggplant,celery, onions, garlic and leeks)
  9. Fruits (prunes, cherries, apples, and jams)
  10. Tea
  11. Zinc (Seafood, lean meats and nuts)

Foods that will help make wrinkles:

  1. Saturated Fats
  2. Meats(fatty processed)
  3. Soft Drinks
  4. Desserts (Cakes, pastries,Snack foods)
  5. Potatoes
  6. Butter, Margarine

Foods are our best medicine.

Nicholas Perricone ,M.D., has a new block buster, THE PERRICONE PROMISE, which claims that changing our diets can take years offof you face.Eating cantaloupe twice a day for a week will really make a difference.

Some doctors are suggesting more healthy foods in their patients diets, such as low fatdiets to boost their intake to keep their hair and skin from becoming dry.

The overall census is that low-sugar diets high in varied fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumesand fish will help prevent premature aging.

Some of these protectors are vitiamin C

A wrinkle smoother: Vitamin A is one of the best -skin treatments,evens out skin tones, works to prevent acne and dry itchy skin.

Even though some people can not use the face cream with vitiamin A, THEY CAN EAT FOODS WITH Vitamin A in their diets.

They are more healthyways to help keep your skin glowing and wrinkle free.Today would be a good day to start to help maintain a healthy skin.

So, here is some food for thought if you are hoping your next meal won’t lead to your next wrinkle!

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  1. olive oil is good and fishand eggs and thank you

  2. wonder, the coffee cause u wrinkle??bc of long time i dont drink coffee and i dont have any wrinkle till i started drinking coffee, there show wrinkle..

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