Health Benefits of Green Tea

Three main benefits of green tea.

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The only brewed drink whose benefits outweigh its side effects. There is not much side effects of green tea other than getting a caffeine overdose.  There are many health benefits of this great substance. Here are a few:

  1. Burns Fat – this is the widely known effect of green tea, but many do complain that they are not losing weight after consuming mugs and mugs of this tea. It is probably because you are just sitting there doing nothing other than consuming green tea. It helps reduce weight, which means you have to do the initial job of some exercise that promotes your body to burn fat. Then, green tea does its job
  2. Stress Reliever – A compound called theanine aids in reducing your tension and soothing your brain. An average of four cups of green tea helps one to be more calm and composed, allowing him to face his issues and word with ease and added concentration. Once your mind is calm, your concentration on an activity increases.
  3. An Antioxidant – This is a drink loaded with antioxidants. It cleans out your body of toxins and wastes and makes clean inside. Once again, you won’t be much successful drinking only green tea to obtain this benefit. You also need to consume more water as a means to remove those toxins out of your body.

And as a result of these main affects of green tea we can acquire these other extras :

  • Anti aging effects
  • Prolonged Life
  • Anti cancer effects as well as cancer prevention
  • Improved heart condition
  • Anti Diabetic effects
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Control of blood pressure
  • Immunity Boosting
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