Healthy Lifestyle, Residence Equity in Old Age

Healthy Lifestyle, residence Equity in Old Age.

Being old is often a necessity for those of us blessed with longevity. While the Old identical with the physical deterioration caused through the degenerative practice. Constantinides says that aging (aging) is a process of gradual disappearance of the network’s ability to solve itself and maintain its normal structure and function that will not withstand the injury. numerous sources say that the aging practice changes / decline of the condition and function of numerous organs and systems inside a body. These changes include:

The skin will generally turn inside a thin, dry, wrinkled, and not elastic.

Hair will be thinner because of loss, the color to white, dry and not shiny.

Teeth start date.

Eyesight and hearing started to diminish.

  Both decreased muscle volume and effectiveness.

Bones are usually brittle and quickly broken.

Heart and blood vessels has decreased. The implications of this situation is usually that the onset of hypertension, coronary heart disease, kidney failure, stroke.

Digestive tract are often disrupted as nausea, bloating, and constipation.

Hormonal disturbances that can cause several diseases such as dyslipidemia, diabetes mellitus, liver disorders, kidney disorders and so on.

                Because flourishing old is really a certainty, then that demands to be considered is how to remain us fit even with reaching old age. Many references say that the best way to anticipate the undesirable outcomes in the aging process is the application of a suit existence as early as possible, which includes:

Apply the pattern of swallowing a healthy and balanced.

Exercise regularly

quit smoking

  manage of stress

Not arbitrarily take the medicine, in particular narcotics, psychotropic as well as other addictive substances.

Periodic health examination.

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