How to Know If Fear is Present

Ways to see.

Fear is tricky stuff, and to use the words of my favourite high school History teacher Fear likes to play “Dirty Tricks”. Fear isn’t always so forthcoming and recognizable. So here are some ways in which you may see Fear exemplified in your life.

  • Your “status” at your place of employment, when you should be more concerned with the “status” of your Soul

  • Displaying anger, tension and frustration in your daily life. If you just stop for a minute and listen to yourself you will see that all of those feelings will come back to a Fear you are holding onto

  • Holding onto relationships, jobs, friends, interests because of F.O.U. (Fear of the unknown, or “Scaredy Squirrel Syndrome”). Let go and trust yourself.

  • Religion. Religion does not offer security, it offers a blanket, a veil of sorts. Lift the veils of your Religion and you’ll see that hidden underneath, at the core, is Love. Courage is necessary. The reward is infinite.

  • Personal insecurities, feelings of being left behind or not being “good enough”

Once you release Fear, something almost magical happens, it’s gone. It no longer exists, it only exists because you say it does, or you believe it to be true. It sounds so simple, perhaps too simple, too much of a contrast to the way we’ve all been currently living.  Stop holding onto false senses of security and go find some security. Find yourself. 

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