How to Live Long While Enjoying Your Life

Just want to live long and without any diseases?

Hitting a century means living for healthy 100 years. The average life expectancy of man is definitely below 80. But one with intentional approach can increase this expectancy and can be able to live up to 100 years.

One needs to swim against the current for the object. Live long healthy! Who told you an old man is like a candle before the wind?

I happened to visit a traditional hilly village two months back. It was such a bad journey of all means as the place lacks proper roads and transport facilities. My destination was my uncle’s home and my stamina was not so good that time.

I struggled a lot to reach the place. I get down a local place from the bus where my cousin, a well built man, was waiting for me.

We started walking and it was some thing like up hill. I thought I was doing something adventurous. Believe me, it took 3 hours to reach the house and I was completely ruined.

But I couldn’t believe my eyes that my cousin stood with normal breaths. Practice makes man perfect! I asked my uncle about it and he smiled at me and told me that I need to improve my health status and stamina.

After two days I went for a local sightseeing with my uncle and cosine. It was an interesting journey without any vehicle. These people hates vehicle? I could able to walk a little more speed as I got two long day rest.

If you want to know and not be know, live in city. That was a village and I could feel the difference there.

During my long sight seeing trip I got the opportunity to glace many healthy old people who were definitely running their 80s. And many of them even have good health to hit their century.

They all walking at good speed and I really surprised to known that many of them are still earning. Their healthy way of life makes the difference.

People here need to have walked around 5 miles for various reasons. This is the real secret behind their health. No cholesterol and no heart attack. No low blood pressure and no hypertension. Long walks leads to long healthy life.

I realize the importance of morning walk and that journey changed my attitude. Now I am very happy to reveal that I started to lead a life avoiding vehicles as far as possible.

I used to long healthy walks too. I too dream of hitting a century…believe me you too can….

So start walking, reduce petrol and smile looking at purse. You have enough money in your pocket, right?

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  1. Age Management is a important in slowing down the aging process. A comprehensive plan to age management begins with three items:
    1.) Healthy Diet
    2.) Exercise
    3.) Supplements

    As an active person you will feel more rejuvenated with thr proper diet and nutrition. Stay fit and healthy to live longer.

  2. Healthy living is so important in longevity and ageing. The supplements are only one part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Yoga and walking are both great ways of staying in shape. Keep up with your exercies ton help increase your lifespan.

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