How to Minimize The Effect of Jet Lag

Tips on how to minimize the effect of Jet Lag. And How to deal with it.

Jet lag is more than just a problem of changing time zones. You can be jet-lagged after flying from Malaysia to Hong Kong, even though both are in the same time zone. That’s because dehydration contributes to jet lag just as much as time changes do. The cramped seats and recycled air on airplanes don’t help either.

There are many articles that have devoted to jet lag subject; this one will cover just few of the more popular ways of dealing with it.

First, avoid dehydration by drinking a glass of water every hour. Stretch your legs at least once every hour during the flight by standing up and walking around. In-seat stretching exercises are another good way to prevent or reduce muscle aches and headaches.

You can also reduce jet lag by gradually adjusting your daily schedule to reflect the schedule of your destination. A few days before the flight, begin to eat, sleep, and drink as if you were already in the new time zone.

Finally, exposure to sunlight will help you adjust to the timetable of your destination. It gives the body’s internal clock a clear signal of the time of the day. Take a walk and spend some time outdoors or at least open the curtain in your hotel room.

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