Hydrocodone a Dangerous Narcotic

Hydrocodone is one of the most dangerous narcotic drugs known and still hasn’t been regulated to the strict schedule two drug list. Doctors can prescribe six refills and call or fax in the prescription. Drug Counselors, lawmakers and families of those who have lost loved ones to this drug are upset and frustrated. Yet The Drug Enforcement Administration has been sitting on it for 12 years without making any decision.

Schedule two drugs must be kept locked away at pharmacies and doctors can only prescribe one bottle at a time, Schedule three drugs are not so strictly controlled. These prescriptions can be refilled up to six times without a doctors visit. Wouldn’t you think one of the most addictive drugs known to medicine would be labeled a schedule two drug? Not so, Hydrocodone is one of the most addictive drugs, but it’s on the schedule three list. The addictive narcotic ingredient is Vicodin. Federal regulators have been trying to decide since 1999 if controls should be tightened on Hydrocodone, but they haven’t decided yet. Those who have lost loved ones to this drug are frustrated, to say the least.

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Robert DuPont, president of the Institute for Behavior and Health said, ” They’re not doing a darn thing. There’s no study that takes 12 years. When you think of how many people have died of Hydrocodone overdoses, it’s inexcusable.” Hydrocodone use has quadrupled since 2000. Actors, Brittany Murphy, Heath Ledger and Corey Haim all died from Hydrocodone overdoses. Emergency room visits rose from 19,221 in 2000 to 86,258 in 2009. Only oxycodone, the drug used in narcotics like OxyContin and Percocet have resulted in more seizures by police than Hydrocodone, which comes in at a close second.

The Drug Enforcement Administration hasn’t released any documents or information from the 12 year study. But Press reviews shows that it has been passed back and forth between the agencies without any decision brought forward. Hydrocodone is the country’s second most used narcotic. It is linked to murders, deaths and pharmacy robberies. Hydrocodone caused 910 deaths in Florida alone, and contributed to 1,803 others between 2003 and 2007.

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  1. My mom is prescribed 120 a month. She takes them right tho.

    I cannot even take a half of one. It puts me to sleep for hours and hours. I don’t want to sleep when I wanna be up!

  2. this drug should be banned.

  3. good share

  4. Wow, my mom has been on it for quite a while, she has broken both of her femurs and shattered her ankle. I can see how it can ruin a person life though. I insist she take it only and only when she needs it,
    Great informative article

  5. Good warning Ruby.

  6. Hope more people understand the danger of overdose hydrocodone and minimize the use.

  7. People must know this drug well before consuming it.

  8. interesting

  9. Good to know

  10. Dangerous drug, Thanks for the information

  11. Great article. The emergency room gave me 4 Vicodin and said to take one wen I got home because I would have pain the next day and Vicodin made me too much energy. Everybody else I know sleeps from it.

  12. An important information that you have brought to public view.

  13. The drug should not be prescribed, alternatives should be found out.

  14. I wouldn’t know the first thing about hydrocodone, that the addictive property of it is vicodin, or that it’s used in pain pills. I know that more and more people are becoming addicted to pain pills. There are stories all over the news reporting that people are robbing stores for the money to pay for this drug. I think by that and the deaths it’s causing, the drug should have been regulated a long time ago. I think it’s ironic how the Government wants to regulate smoking and not focus on the pharmaceuticals that are a lot more deadly.

  15. 12 years is a long time to make decision when it’s to save lives.

  16. Wasn’t aware of this. Thanks a lot for this info.

  17. What the Regulatory bodies are doing?

  18. This drug should definitely be banned. I’m not aware of hydrocodone. Thank you for spreading awareness.

  19. Hope this article can get the attention of the authority.

  20. Thanks for this article Ruby, this is something we should all be aware of. I am bookmarking this and passing it along.

  21. another very good share Ruby :) Frank

  22. Good for you for bringing awareness when lawmakers do nothing.

  23. Your article was very interesting. I agree that something should be done about this addictive drug. People are dying from this drug and it needs to stop.

  24. thanks

  25. didn’t know about it. thanks for explaining.

  26. I am going to play devil’s advocate here. Anything is bad for you, including water, if not taken in moderation. I, having been in bad pain with my back at times appreciate that there are stronger pain meds out there. Without them, some people couldn’t live normal, functional lives. It’s not they want to take them, they need to. Regular, over-the-counter meds don’t work on extreme pain. I wouldn’t have wanted to come out of my last surgery without the pain medication. I probably would have been screaming. I agree that doctors should ONLY prescribe the pain meds when absolutely necessary.

    I hope that none of you ever experience extreme pain, but if you do/have, then you should realize pain meds are, at times, necessary.

  27. Very helpful. One should know the importance.

  28. I agree with Terry on this one.
    It seems to me the problem is, abuse of a very effective pain killer is happening. A similar thing happened in England with a
    painkiller called Co-Proxamol and it was withdrawn.
    Doctors need to dish out painkillers with more discretion.

  29. Thanks for the information

  30. Thank you for the information Ruby.

  31. I have RA, and its terrible, crippling, agonizing pain most of the time. I couldn’t be on the computer, could barely walk. Couldn’t take out the garbage, couldnt’ get the mail. Couldn’t even wash the dishes. Was in bed all day from the pain.

    Then I started taking this drug, and I got my life back. Thank god for it! I only take the minimum amount I need and never have abused it.

    Just because some people abuse this drug is not justification for taking it away from those of us who need it. I would be in agony all the time if not for it. It has literally given me my life back,and I am no longer in pain. Think about what banning this drug would do to people like me. Do we deserve to live in pain all our lives? That is what you are condemning us to, a life of agony, if you ban this drug.

  32. Yes, it certainly should be banned. You should tell everybody who is in severe pain in America what kind of substance they can put into their body to palliate their misery. Aspirin is far worse for you than any opiate. Get some facts. I don’t want the federal government controlling any more of my life than they already do. You’d prefer they set your alarm clock for you and tell you when to go to bed at night, apparently.
    There is one truly dangerous substance that should be watched as much as hydrocodone, though, and it’s a little known chemical called Dihydrogen Monoxide. Now that is dangerous stuff. Perhaps you can get behind the effort to ban it. I think your efforts would be really beneficial–please everybody spread the word. It’s deadly! Hydric acid needs to be banned!

  33. Thank you for the information Ruby.

  34. good post

  35. Some nasty, nasty statistics.

  36. If it’s not good for human consumption, then, it should be banned. On the other hand, some people are using for “high doses,” then, it’s time for the FDA to give warning and closely monitor the implementation.

  37. I have to agree as a nurse I give this drug all the time and I don’t like it. I think it is used too much.

  38. A good share here too Ruby cheers

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