Jongging Useful to Give a Long Life

Jongging useful to give a long life.

Jogging on a regular basis can help you live longer. Researchers from the Copenhagen City Heart Study found that regular jogging increase life expectancy for women and men.

Researchers suggest doing jogging for one to two and a half hours per week, between two to three times a jogging session.

These interesting findings come from data the Copenhagen City Heart Study that began in 1976 with 20,000 men and women comparing non-runners aged 20-93 years with 1116 men and 762 women who regularly perform jogging.

Intensity and the researchers then asked how much time they spend on jogging each week.

The results show that the presence of 10 158 deaths from non-runner group and 122 deaths in the group of runners. This suggests that the risk of death in the runner group was reduced by 44 percent.

The study also showed that women who regularly jog may live 5.6 years longer than women who do not do jogging. Meanwhile, men who do jogging age 6.2 years longer than men to non-runners.

“We can say that jogging can extend the life of you, even you do not have to force yourself to get the benefits,” said researcher Peter Schnohr, a cardiologist from the Copenhagen City Heart Study to Huffingtonpost (4/5).

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