Keeping Your Parents Out of Nursing Homes

I wrote this in order to tell people what it is like to be in a nursing home, and how to prevent your parents from having to live there.

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Your parents took care of you for most of your life here on Earth. Let’s face it-they are still caring for you and taking care of your emotional needs if you are lucky to have wonderful parents. This is one of the many reasons why you should keep your parents out of nursing homes.

As a Certified Nurse Aide, I have been caring for the elderly now for about 3 years on and off, between having my first child and moving to another state. I have seen it all, from home health to working in a nursing home setting, and even hospitals. Most of the elderly I have cared for need to be in a better environment.

Nursing homes can be extremely scary for the elderly. After all, why would someone want a roommate after being at home all those year caring for their own families? They are lonely and frightened most of the time during their residency in a nursing home.

There are a lot of elderly folks being put into these nursing homes and then their families don’t come to visit them often enough. Who would want to be stuck in a place where aides and nurses come in out of your room as they please, you are told when you are getting washed up for the day/evening, and meals are planned when and where they want you to be. Not to mention how scary it can be to be in a room with someone you don’t know very well.

Their roommate can have medical problems as serious as Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and acting out is a major problem with some residents. Some residents become frustrated with their caregivers and act out, maybe even hitting or spitting at their aide. Caring for this type of resident is difficult enough, but imagine it from your parent’s point of view. How would you feel if someone threw a plate in the dining room for breakfast and it went crashing to the floor? You would probably feel scared, but imagine this taking place as an elderly person, with no one there to comfort you, but a caring aide who is not your family.

Most elderly folks are on medications that need to be regulated by a nurse, who goes around with a cart several times per shift handing out pills like candy. Sometimes, your parents as residents aren’t going to be able to have the care you could give them if they were home with you. The government has programs now where you can keep your parents home with you in your own home. They will pay you a small amount to be with them in order to keep them out of nursing homes. Home health is wonderful if you cannot be there during the day or night if they need someone as well.

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  1. I cared for both of my parents at home. First my dad with cancer and within days of his passing my mom went to bed, never to get up again. She had dementia and was bed bound for 6 years. My dads final wish was that my mom was never to go to a nursing home.
    It was hard. Very hard at at times. But I wouldn’t have done it any other way.
    I had help from my brother and his wife. And we had a nurse come in to help when a pressure wound got the best of us.
    In the final stages, we had hospice care.
    They are amazing! I honestly don’t know what we would have done without them.
    My moms doctor even made house calls and got the ball rolling for the hospice care.
    There is help out there so don’t give up if you want to take care of a loved one at home.

  2. I agree with your article absolute mesblue and I personally feel the culture of literally banishing the elderly to nursing homes should be the last thing that should happen to any senior citizen with children and grand children. You could read my thoughts on the same here:

  3. Hi,

    Just wondering how you took care of your mom. My mom has been living with me for 2 years now and just had a stroke this morning. It is unlikely that she will ever be able to get up out of bed on her own again. How did you work everything? Did you just use bedpans? What did you do through the night when she needed help?

    I haven’t totally given up on my mom improving through rehab, but her physical capabilities have been pretty severely damaged…

  4. Please, someone, anyone out there please refer me to any written reports that support the notion that people live less time in rest homes vs. home care. I need them for court. My lovedone’s family took her out of her home and wants to put here in a facilty. John 805-904-9817

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