Life Expectancy is Shrinking for Uneducated White Americans

Interesting connections draw between life expectancy and education.

A recent study at the University of Illinois in Chicago has put a whole new spin on the motto it pays to go to school and get an education. Some researchers believe (and some research proves) that educated individuals are now living longer than individuals without an education. What could be the cause of this recent changing trend in life expectancy? Unfortunately, no one really knows. But, there is a lot of speculation on the matter. Personally, I think it has something to do with a lack of common sense that people who drop out of school tend to suffer from.

Some people believe that going to school actually helps build your immune system because you spend a lot of time in public and around germs. The immune system of someone who goes to school is a little stronger than the immune system of someone who does not. The study at the University of Illinois predicted that individuals who are less educated are must more likely to smoke, suffer from obesity; abuse drugs and lack health insurance to deal with any health or medical problems. According to the study, women with a college degree are expected to live ten years longer than women without one. The study also claims that men with a college degree are expected to live 13 years longer than men without one. The study also points out the interesting fact that presently lines are only being drawn to connect education levels with life expectancy to white Americans. There are no connections that can be drawn to individuals of other races at this time.

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  1. Nice info. Good share.

  2. Interesting share. Getting an education is using resources available. Stands to reason that making improper choices in education may follow in other choices throughout life and healthy lifestyles aren’t always the popular choice.

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