Regular Orgasms Will Save Your Life

Who would have thought that your sexual behaviour and having regular orgasms would play a critical part in saving your life? An orgasm brings an obvious level of satisfaction and provides the spontaneous climax to our sexual activities, but now there is an added benefit, it’s a life saver.


Recent medical research has firmly established a connection between a person’s sexual behaviour, with regard to how regular their orgasms are and the prevention of a life threatening cancer that affects most of them in later life.


When a person is young an opportunity will present itself on a regular basis to be able to have orgasms. In fact it is all part of growing up and the enjoyment of discovering new sexual experiences.


They will have no thought about what may occur in their life when they get older and what can happen to cause them to have a life threatening situation.


For most men when they get to the age of fifty plus they find themselves in a situation where their sexual activities are greatly reduced, this may be for many different reasons.


This inactivity slowly causes their prostate glands to degenerate and this degeneration will allow the cells to get infected, which means the cancer cells will form, spread and grow.


Over time if this spread of prostate cancer cells is not treated quickly enough it will create a life threatening situation.


But there is now good news, medical research has firmly established that if the man can make sure that he has regular orgasms, his prostate glands will still remain active and the life threatening cancer can then be prevented.


So, all that you men over fifty need to do is to make sure that you are continuing to be sexually active, if you can’t find a partner then you will have to be creative, either way keep those orgasms going on a regular basis.


Prostate cancer is a recognised life ending disease and it has taken many men’s lives.  With this medical research information there is now new hope for men over fifty to enjoy a longer life expectancy.


And as part of that enjoyment they will also be able to have an enhanced level of pleasurable satisfaction, which will obviously help to rejuvenate their lives and bring them personal fulfilment.


As we all get older our bodies start to gradually degenerate cells, which is all part of old-age, so it is great if the simple process of having regular orgasms can help to reverse some of that degeneration and save lives.

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  1. A good way to have a healthy life.

  2. This is very interesting, thank you.

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