The Secret of Longevity From Different Countries

Want to know the secrets of longevity from various countries in the hope of living with a high age? Longevity is an expectation that most often spoken in a birthday celebration. Not enough just to hope, longevity should be realized with a healthy lifestyle as practiced in some countries such as Macau and Israel.

Healthy lifestyle is the most widely adopted low-fat diet and calories, such as in Spain and Switzerland. Reducing stress levels is also a wise step to maintain health, as applied in Australia and Iceland.

here’s good habits are exemplary of the countries with highest life expectancy.

Macau (life expectancy: 81 years)
A strong economy is the secret of long life in Macau, which get a lot of foreign exchange from tourism industry. High welfare make people more able to access health care.

Iceland (life expectancy: 82.5 years)
Rules of employment in this country to give long enough lunch break, so the stress level of employees is relatively low. People in this country also has a tradition of eating dried seaweed that is said to reduce fat absorption by up to 75 percent.

Switzerland (life expectancy: 82.5 years)
The secret of the longevity of the elderly in Switzerland is the habit of eating bread wheat, which has a low glucose index so that the stomach does not feel hungry faster. Other foods are quite popular in Switzerland is a rich dark chocolate antioxidants that can slow the aging process.

Australia (life expectancy: 82 years)
In this country, employees are rarely required to work overtime to have more time to relax at home. At recess, workers more often out to lunch, so get more benefit from the sun.

France (life expectancy: 82 years)
The high life expectancy in France one of which is triggered by the size of the budget of cancer treatment that reached Rp 13 trillion / year. With a budget of that size, cure rates of cancer in France, including one of the best in the world. Another secret is eating a lot of seasoned onions, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes and blood clotting.

Japan (life expectancy 83.5 years)
The secret of Japanese longevity is one of warm sake, a type of alcoholic beverage that is claimed to circulate blood. Typical Japanese fermented rice, Miso is also good for health because it contains many minerals, especially zinc.

Sweden (life expectancy: 82 years)
The bartender in this country are generally trained to detect visitors who began drinking due to drinking. Before there was a poisoning, the servants can limit orders are not a lot of alcohol so that deaths due to overdose.

Spain (life expectancy: 82 years)
Mediterranean diet which is dominated by olive oil, vegetables and fruits is key to healthy people of Spain. A very restricted fat intake may reduce the risks of diseases such as asthma, allergies, heart attacks and dementia.

Israel (81 years life expectancy)
Processed products made from milk is the main menu of Israelis for breakfast. Low-fat cheese is a healthy source of protein, can prevent some types of fatal cancers mainly triggered by fat.

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  1. to live a long life, first, you need to be in a country free of war and political disorders, secondly, the good weather and food which can be available for you, and the last is your life style, because even you got the first two, if you are an alcoholic or severe smoker, you want live a long life.

  2. @aprilsong that’s true

    we can combine it all :D

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