When Menopause Knocks on The Door at Thirty

Menopause is occurring earlier than it used to. Men and women in their thirties are showing signs of menopause thanks to stressful social and economic conditions that can be prevented. Is there hope for this generation?

What is menopause?

Menopause refers to the changes that bring about the cessation of women’s or men’s reproductive phase. The term menopause is mainly used for midlife women who no longer have the capacity to reproduce but may also affect men. The word menopause was derived from the Greek terms mensis meaning month and pausis meaning to stop. It hence loosely translates to cessation of monthly cycles.

For a long time, menopause was believed to set-in in the sunset years of a woman’s life when the woman had had enough children for the man, something like thirteen or eighteen, not so these days.

Early onset of menopause

Due to the pressures brought about by harsh economic conditions that make men and women take on two or three jobs in order to meet their needs and those of their families, menopause seems to be knocking on the door sooner than expected and women as young as twenty-nine and men as young as thirty-nine are increasingly experiencing this old age phenomenon. Menopause will not let these young stars enjoy their prime and is hunting them down the streets like criminals who have wronged a sex goddess.

What are the causes?

Menopause is primarily caused by a decrease in the number of developing ova which also leads to an increase in the concentration of two major hormones produced by the anterior pituitary gland, namely: Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH). Aside from this, menopause may also be caused by the surgical removal of the uterus and or the ovaries. Stressful working conditions that impact on hormonal concentration may also bring about early menopause in women.

What are the signs?

When you notice the following at whatever age, do not blame your spouse, it merely shows that menopause has set in earlier than you expected.

a)      When the breasts and the reproductive organs start shrinking in size limiting the urge for intercourse or making it painful, know that menopause has finally set in.

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  1. another very informative article

  2. I’ll leave this for the fairer sex…. I don’t want to dig a metaphorical hole for my self hole in this one Jimmy. CHEERS

  3. You have helped lots of women who are going to face it.

  4. 30 plus… still a long way to go. sedentary lifestyles have been the major culprit for both the sex.

  5. That physical disaster in way way way in the past, thank God!
    Good post.

  6. I saw what menopause did to my mom

  7. I dread it, hoping it will not set in till my late 50’s that is many many years away for now.

  8. very informative, very useful tips to follow, we all should be mentally prepared. At my workplace those naughty guys will tease those guys when they having bad mood or temper, they will say they having menopause, don’t think because of that, as I have seen some already passed the stage and yet okay…

  9. Silaho, first it was a surprise for me to see ur name change after i started reading the postings of my friends after 4 days. Next, about the article. It is really very useful and I’m going to pass it on to few of my friends.

  10. Thanks Anuradha, do not be surprised, I am the same old Shilaho.

  11. Excellent article Leo (Shilaho)! Very informative. Personally, I am finding post menopause a blessed relief after the years of suffering pre menopause. Pre menopause, menopause & post menopause often get the same label. Your information is very good but thankfully not all women suffer all the symptoms or some to greater or lesser degree. I am one of the lucky ones that held menopause at bay until I turned 50. I do feel for those that go through it much younger and with worse symptoms. Thanks for sharing!

  12. hi Tolstoy. nice to see your new Avatar. Nice share for middle aged women.

  13. this was one heavy read ! since ill be 30 in the next two years .. my life is on the line here !!!

  14. But what makes you think that it is not ongoing evolution which is the cause of these subtle changes? And permit me to make a light joke: male menopause is clear when men began to bald.

  15. First of all let me say that I like your new name. From your point of view it looks as if we don’t have much to look forward to.but I am an optimist. I think a lot of the problem is that we have been taught to expect it.

  16. An interesting article, 30 is pretty young to go into menopause, Many women today don’t marry until in their 30s, but I have heard of it happening in the 20s.

  17. A profound article, friend. Complete research. Thumbs up!

  18. Doc, There is something odd about this article and the age. Women at 30 still get their periods. LOL. Perhaps you mean 40. LOL. And even then, there are women who still have children. My ex boss had a son at age 48. Anyhow, some of these excuses women use on their partners when they are no longer feeling it for them anymore. If a 6′2 guy stood next to them with a six pack and wearing nothing more than boxer shorts, I am sure that they would rape them. Or perhaps it’s their low libido.

  19. Good one with complete research. :)

  20. Informative and well written

  21. you made me think about my health!

  22. Good explanation of the physiological processes of menopause and the warning signs at work.

  23. Informative post.

  24. Great article, mate… I always thought that menopause had always been a problem for middle-aged women. Guess us males had to look over our shoulders for it too. Thanks for clarifying!

  25. Good share! Lots of research…where do you find the time?

  26. Menopause at 30 has to be very rare right?

  27. There are women that menopause at 30, but they are rather rare and this usually runs in the family. Personally, I do hope it will not bang my door that early, although I am over 30 and still have no problem there. Stess might be messing with ovulations and might cause fertility problems, but early menopause … I am not so sure about that.

  28. There are many reasons a woman my go through menopause early. Stress has nothing to do with it. As far as ‘praying’ and ‘leaving it up to the good old lord’, well that won’t do you much good if you are one of those people who is going to go through menpause early. Life is just like that for some people. Praying doesn’t solve all of a person’s problems, Leo. Whatever god that person believes in is still going to ignore their trite, by-rote prayers if they aren’t helping themselves. Especially if they are trite, by-rote prayers.

  29. This is very good. I am a little concerned about the early onset menopause. I thought it happened with women much older. I know I am not looking forward to possibly suffering from early menopause.

  30. Informative article! I’ll be sure to pass along the info for some older friends. Great job!

  31. Great & useful info.

  32. I’ve know women who started showing early signs of menopause in their mid-30’s. I have a few symptoms myself. Menopause doesn’t scare me, however. I’m looking forward to it. For me, it means the end of birth control and no fear of pregnancy. In reading what fantasia fairy said above about a woman having a child at 48…. now THAT scares me. I don’t want to have children underfoot in my home when I’m in my 60’s and retired. That’s my time to do what I want to do!

  33. Very well written!

  34. Good to find you again, Shilaho, now I know who to look for Mr. Tolstoy! Great article! My mom went through this in her early 30’s and I wish at the time we were better informed because we all thought she was just depressed all the time. God blesses those who suffer!
    Best regards from me!


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