Why is Living So Important?

No one lives forever and there must be a reason for everything, why not a reason for living? The ultimate purpose to birth is to transcend a non specified amount of time and meet your maker, so to speak. Hmm, have I missed something here? See for yourself. Are we all born with a terminal condition that no amount of medical help can prevent?

Why do I consider aging a chronic situation? It affects everyone, and while treatable, it is incurable.

Others may not agree, but many negative changes develop as we age as the slow deterioration of our earthly existence begins to remove our mental, physical and social abilities little by little.

Aging and the associated experiences such as disease, has taken a toll on my once vibrant and useful body. It is not uncommon for me not to be able to make the capital I while typing. or add a certain letter even though it was my intention to do so. I can’t see that I have made a mistake with my stiffened joints, because of total blindness in one eye and poor vision in the other.

I think aging is either an acute or a chronic disease that affects different people in different ways. Why do I call it a disease? What can we do about it? Is there a cure on the horizon? What are you doing about your own condition?

We have medications and physical therapy for many of our other chronic diseases, and we also can use certain remedies for slowing the aging process. Aging, is non-curable, but prolonging the effects can be accomplished by properly administering diet and exercise prescriptions.

The aging process affects everyone and some of us develop other problems to go along with it. Most negative factors in our lives have some alternatives. Life is not as simple as 1, 2, 3, because the X factor has never been satisfactorily solved. The aging process is part genetic, but each person has some control over this experience. Remember, it is an experience open to everyone whether it is wanted or not.

Life should come labeled with a warning, caution, use with care and maintain properly at all costs.

Take care of your complete self in the best way you know how. The body is but one part of your total being and there are prescriptions to take with each part: the mind, body and soul. (Have I overlooked anything here?)

I often think the body is the most vulnerable part of our being, with the mind not far behind. It has been estimated by many experts in various fields that the soul is eternal. I feel that it is and that has always been my main concern during this life of mine, how about you and yours?

Dr Robert E McGinnis
author of In Search Of Paradise

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