10 Amazing Acupressure Points to Relieve Pain

Traditional acupuncture points respond to pressure. Here are some that you may find it useful to know.

Acupuncture points have been known about for thousands of years. They are used in traditional Chinese acupuncture and in westernized versions of it which are in use in the US and Europe today. Acupunture is performed by sticking pins into various designated points to treat certain conditions. This isn’t something that you can do yourself. The whole thing requires a trained professional to carry out treatment and it can be very expensive.

However, traditional acupuncture points also respond to pressure. Using a thumb, or finger, to gently press and stimulate the correct points can be very useful in the treatment of some conditions. This is something you can do for yourself but if you do use it on someone else, be very careful that you don’t exert too much pressure, especially around the head and face areas.

Traditional Acupuncture Points

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Chi Ze

This is located inside the fold of the elbow and can be used to treat asthma and coughs.

He Gu

Located just below and around the flap of skin between thumb and index finger can ease symptoms of hay fever.

Lao Gong

Pressure on the center of the palm can ease the discomfort of mouth ulcers.

Acupressure Points

Photo: Wikipedia Commons.

Nei Guan

Pressing lightly on the tendons just above the wrist can relief sea sickness and angina attacks.

Quan Liao

Press lightly with two fingers down and upwards into the cheek area, just below the cheek bone. This can ease the symptoms of neuralgia and toothache.


Applying pressure to the underside and top of the elbow can ease migraine, and help lift depression.

Yin Bai

Pressure on the pad of the big tow can help insomnia.


Pressure at the ends of the eyebrows can relieve stress.


Pressure on the sole of the foot can ease night sweats, anxiety and bad temper.

Shao Shang

Apply pressure to the thumb to ease sore throat and neck pain.

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  11. I tried accupressure for the first time on my back tonight. It is seemingly beginning to work the stress out in my lower back and my right shoulder. I have now tried the thumb pressure points for my neck tension. We’ll see how this all works. Would have been nice to know about Lao Gong earlier this week. Had a bad blister on the roof of my mouth this week from a root canal. Thanks for the article.

  12. I tried it and it worked!! I hope to find more on other symtoms. So please post more =)

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