12 Incredibly Weird, Wacky, and Bizarre Home Remedies From Tradition to Folktale

Some home remedies are based on real medical ingredients while others are some of the most bizarre and weird home remedies that I have ever come across.

Home remedies have been around since the beginning of the human race. Long before modern medicine they were used to cure anything from child bearing to headaches. Every culture has its own unique folktale for home remedies, just as every family has its own traditional home remedy passed down from one generation to the next.

Home remedies are known throughout the world and vary from one part to the next they do, however they do share one common bond between them, that every family or culture swear by their effectiveness. Some of them are based on true medical ingredients and some….are not. In fact you will find that some of them are some of the most bizarre remedies that you have ever heard of.

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Disclaimer: You should always check with a medical practitioner before subjecting someone or yourself to any home remedy.

  1. Go to Bed with Soap and Say Goodbye to Leg Cramps

    If you suffer from severe leg cramps during the night, it is said that by placing a bar of soap under the covers with you, this will bring much needed relief by preventing those nightly cramps. Also, you will smell nice and fresh come morning. Sounds silly, I know but people from all over North America swear by it.

  2. Gum in Your Hair? Just Add Chocolate

    To remove gum from your hair, rub a plain chocolate bar on it. After you have completed that step, you then wash your hair and the gum will easily slide off your hair.

  3. Spiders Cure Malaria

    When a form of malaria (Ague) was running rampant through many parts of the world, many various treatments were concocted to find a cure for this disease. One of these so-called cures were consuming compressed spider webs. The belief of the medical ingredients of this was lost throughout history, the healing aspects of a spiders web remains a mystery. Some parts of this folktale include eating a spider while it was still alive.

  4. What’s that Smell?

    For smoke or paint fumes, leave a bowl of vinegar in the room and it will absorb the paint and tobacco fumes leaving the room smelling fresh. This also been proven to be very effective.

  5. Foot in Mouthwash

    For toenail fungus, soak your feet in a bowl of Listerine mouthwash. This strong antiseptic will cure your fungus and leave your feet looking fresh and healthy again.

  6. Get Rid of the Fever—Swallow the Spider

    A North Carolina folk remedy is, to catch a daddy long-leg, pull its legs off and while it’s still alive swallow the whole thing.

  7. Waxing a Cold Sore

    To cure a cold sore, one home remedy explains that digging out your own ear wax and dabbing it onto your cold sore, that this will prevent the cold sore from progressing. This is said to be very effective. In fact, some people still use this method today.

  8. Black Ants = Aphrodisiac

    This home remedy was used in the Europe during the medieval times and still today in some parts of the world, you collect a bunch of black ants, dry them out and mix them with white wine. It is believed that whosoever drinks this concoction will become quite randy.

  9. Don’t Sweat It

    If you have a problem with sweating, then take a potato and cut it in half and rub it under your armpits. I’m not sure as to why this or how this works but people swear success by it.

  10. Get Fuller Lips

    In an effort to achieve fuller more rounder lips, plump them-up by using a vacuum cleaner nozzle. You turn the vacuum on and press the nozzle to your lips and do this for a few seconds. Some women swear by this. In actuality, you can damage your lips by bruising, scarring and breaking blood vessels and the risk of bacteria infection.

  11. Stop Stuttering

    For a stuttering child, smack him/her in the face on a cloudy day. As cruel as this might sound it was used in ancient Chinese practice and is still widely used today and considered to be very effective.

  12. Medicinal Animal Droppings

    Since the start of civilization animal droppings have been used to cure just about anything. Ancient Egyptians used it for skin ailments. It is also used to treat and cure headaches, cure the blind, rid people of intestinal parasites, jaundice, epilepsy and many other ailments and purposes. Animal dung is still a popular used and wide spread treatment today.

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  1. I would remove the puppies barbarism and stick with common ailments and cure from the current century. The quackery of the past would make a terrific separate article.

  2. I’m a fan of home remedies, but the ones described above are crazy lol

  3. Very interesting and informative!

  4. Very cool. Well done. Some are kind of crazy though! LOL

  5. Wow these are very helpful.

  6. these are all ridiculous

  7. Oh,I agree, GDogg. It’s all in the title. lol…

  8. They are probably wacky but somtimes they work.

  9. LOL, the one with chocolate in the hair… is that semi-sweet? Milk? dark? Anyway, wasting chocolate is sacrilious!:)

  10. Oh Debra, what a selection! Some of them are quite hilarious, not the puppy one though. I also agree it would be such a waste of chocolate. A great article. Well done.


  11. I think i will stay thin lipped, pimple faced with fungus feet with sweaty underarms. Interesting article Debra. Well done.

  12. This is a great article, definately some interesting remedies here

  13. Great work…some look like they might work!

  14. I grew up with a lot of home remedies but these I have never heard about.I know vinegar will kill fungus and a shredded potato poltice will bring a boil to a head. You know that people used to have to be their own doctors and thay had many remedies that did work. Most of the ones listed sound a little far fetched to me though.

  15. there are witch doctors in our town but their cures are far more civil than these, I can only say, it’s weird..

  16. Weird but very interesting.

    Number 3 is strange because I have read about the silk on spiders’ webs being coated with an anti-microbial substance, but not as a means of reducing temperature. There was a programme on TV here in England, where two doctors tried out many of these strange cures and it was amazing what actually worked. Interesting!

  17. I have used home remedies for years but, I don’t think I’ll try removing the heads of puppies.

    Very interesting Debra.

  18. You left out leeches! And “bleeding” a patient to get rid of the bad blood. Actually, I’ve heard that leeches are making a come back. When a finger is reattached, a leech on the fingertip can get the blood circulating again.
    I don’t think I could stand eating spider webs or ants. I do have leg cramps at night. I wonder how a bar of soap would help?
    Great article!

  19. Nice article Deb,I’ve heard of some of these.For a some years I worked in a drugstore/pharmacy and heard all sorts of home remedies from pharmacists and elderly customers,from mineral oil to castor oil,hydrogen peroxide to vinnegar.Even urine in some parts of the world.I had heard of the feces thing,maybe because bacteria that kills.I’ve even heard you can eat someone elses but not your own because it was what your body determined as waste.Who knows? I know herbs have been in use forever.

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    Jokes, but nice article you got here.

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  28. A very interesting collection of strange remedies.But a very interesting read and I liked it very much.Though my 2 mothers always told me that peanut butter took out gum stuck in hair.Wouldn’t waste chocolate to do the task since I like it to much.Peanut butter not as much and wont touch it now due to the scare we had.

  29. #9 Works, due to the starch in a potato. You must use a starchy potato,such as russets.

  30. Can I kill one puppy instead of two? I can only arrange for one at the moment.

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  33. Interesting. I know the vinegar one works, but I’m not so sue about some of the others!

  34. What a wierd, wacky bunch! Where I grew up we kept spider webs in the barn. Applying a spiderweb compress to cuts stopped the bleeding immediately. Worked for the animals and us, too. It’s the only use I ever found for spiders!

  35. Liked with the exception of the puppies.

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    Thanks for that.


  41. Very Interesting. I liked it a lot.

  42. The title says it all. very wacky :)

  43. interesting, but the puppies one is so cruel and barbaric…..

  44. Excellent article. I would have liked to know more about when and where these rememdies came from, but that is because I am more interested in the historical aspect. From an alternative medicine point of view this is an informative and often hilarious description.

  45. Never heard of any of these but i’m willing to try the soap. When i was young i was covered in freckles and the old times would tell me to wash my face in May snow. You guessed it I still have freckles lol. Great article very interesting.

  46. My GP has got his marching orders. Great work, Debra.

  47. Wow, some of these are really insane! Especially the puppy one!
    Well done on this article. It is very informative and interesting.

  48. Great and interesting article. Some of these things are in fact quite medieval! I learned a lot.

  49. Although I’m not sure about the puppy one, I know the chocolate one works. Don’t believe it? Pop a stick of gum into your mouth. After about a minute or two of chewing, pop in a small Hersheys bar, the itty bitty kind. See what happens to the gum? Practically melts away.

  50. poor puppies

  51. Great article and concept, Debra. I think the puppy one is going way too far, but I can see how the potatoes might work for perspiration though. What comes out of a potato when you cut it? … water and starch. We do use corn starch in powders just for that purpose. The others… ?


  52. are these real? sounds icky.

  53. You left out warts. Pull out some of your hair and tie it around a wart, and go to sleep. It will fall out in the night

  54. So THAT’S why my mother smacked me across the face so much. :) Couldn’t read the puppy one, but had a good time reading the rest!

  55. Great! But I don’t think I can handle the puppy remedy. Hahaha

  56. I just spent $1600 on the two cutest, little Australian Shepard puppies and killed them about a week ago. Now, I haven’t slept in over a week and have already spent $300 in therapy sessions since Tuesday and still can’t get rid of this gigantic zit on the back of my neck. Please help! Do you have any other bizarre remedies I can try? I am willing to attempt almost anything at this point.

  57. Wow, these are insane. Who would kill a puppy to get rid of a zit?

  58. I gotta tell you, the puppies thing really seemed out of place on this list. It was more than a little shocking.

  59. I can swear by the vinegar remedy…I’ve used that before. The others….well, can’t say I’ve tried those!! Interesting article!

  60. Hi,

    I just wanted to point out one thing, I know the puppy one is very barbaric and it made me sick but we are talking about 17th century when some of the most barbaric methods were a common practice.

    All of your comments are very much appreciated! Thank you all and god bless!

  61. Weird remedies indeed. Very interesting and informative. Great work!

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  66. some cool ideas here, however you should edit #6 to remind people that this is not only cruel and barbaric, IT IS ILLEGAL!

  67. Great article. This was ery informative.

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