15 Types of Massage

Massages techniques vary in the way of performance and the impact on the body, and are primarily divided into:
1) massage that relaxes muscles
2) massages that affect muscles, bones and circulation

Meet the 15 types of massage.

Word massage has formed from the Arabic word” Massa” (touch). Nowdays it is used as a term for the oldest form of medical care which have eased the body problems in ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece and in China.
Today, massage is increasingly used in health and wellness treatments. Numerous massage techniques are developed, so that today everyone can find what suits him.

Massages techniques vary in the way of performance and the impact on the body, and are primarily divided into:
1) massage that relaxes muscles
2) massages that affect muscles, bones and circulation

Meet the 15 types of massage:

Medical Massage
Medical massage is applied to the painful and tense body parts (neck, shoulders, back) in order to eliminate pain, spasm, or muscle spasm. It is also suitable for removing tightness (buildup of lactic acid in the form of small but painful lumps).
This massage technique is suitable for those who sit long in a certain position, working at the computer, etc.

Classical massage
Classic Swedish massage is one of the most popular full body massage technique as well as the oldest form of therapeutic healing that is applied for over thousands of years. The purpose of classical massage is relaxing the entire body, and the massage itself is based on a combination of five basic movements which are directed towards the heart. The most common procedures used in this type of massage are: rubbing, smoothing, and vibration which affects the nervous system, blood circulation, improves the work of the gland, increases muscle tone, and improves the operation of the locomotor system and internal organs.

A relaxing massage
As the name suggests, it is a gentle and soothing massage with elements of acupressure, which makes body relaxed, and also stimulate the circulation in the body.

Sports massage
Classic and sports massage are in fact not very differ. The only difference is the intensity of massage. In sports massage interventions seeks to quickly and fully prepare the body for the sport effort, training and increasing stamina. Physiological effect is the same as in classical massage. Most commonly, because of its energy, it is used for the strong and hypertrophic muscles in athletes. The effects are the relaxation of muscles and reduce of the amount of lactic acid in the body.

Partial massage
Partial massage is directed on the part of the body – head, neck, legs, shoulders, etc, and its goal is to relax and release the body from stress and tension. So, it’s intense massage on problem areas of the body that relaxes and stimulates the microcirculation.

Anti-cellulite massage
Targeted treatment that uses the technique of manual lymphatic drainage and deep localized pressure on the areas with cellulite. This intense massage stimulates the microcirculation and thereby enhances the breakdown of cellulite. The skin becomes taut, smooth and better tone. Anti-cellulite massage can be very painful and can occur bruising at the treated area.

Craniosacral massage
This massage refers to massage of head, neckand cross area. It Improves circulation and reduces cerebrospinal headaches, dizziness and stiffness of the body.

Reflexology (reflex massage, reflexology or zone therapy)
In reflexology is considered that certain reflex points on the feet correspond to specific organs, glands and structures in the body, and whit pressure to specific nerve endings, tension and pain is reduced. The treatment successfully eliminates pain and imbalance of the body, and it is proved to be successful in diagnosing the state of organs and organisms.

Ayurvedic massage
This is actually learning about the Indian way of life that is over 4000 years old, and this type of massage aims to prevent a variety of disorders in the body. It seeks to establish balance and harmony in the body and strive to maintain harmony of body energy.

Shiatsu Massage
Shiatsu massage is a powerful energy technique (2000 years old) from China which uses fingers and palm pressure to certain parts of the body in order to establish the body energy.
By stimulating points on the body the activity of internal organs is stimulated. It has a positive effect on the digestive, nervous, muscular and endocrine system and the circulation. It stimulates the lymphatic drainage, and the body becomes more vital. Shiatsu is performed on dressed person on the mat, and treatment takes approximately 45-60 minutes.

Chocolate Massage
Chocolate encourages the stimules which soothe and relax,due to release serotonin and endorphins (happy hormone). Massage reduces tension of body.Increasingly popular are anti-cellulite chocolate treatments.

The use of aromatic oils in massage works on the emotions, joints, muscles, circulation, digestion, gynecological and urological problems, neurological problems, etc. This is a very pleasant and relaxing full body massage. Aromatic oils are concentrates of herbs whose scent and action has a positive effect on the body.

Thai Massage
Thai massage is based on the 9 most important energy lines that flow through the body, which lay along the acupressure points that are important to harmony of body energy.
Massage of these points relaxes muscles, reduces stress, improves circulation, improves the functioning of internal organs, etc. In short: there is a power of body, mind and soul harmony. This massage combines knowledge: Chinese acupressure, chiropractic, Japanese shiatsu and Indian yoga.

Stone Massage (Hot Stone)
This type of massage can be performed in 2 ways:
1) body is touching the warm stones creating pleasure, improves energy flow, removes tension and insomnia
2) body is touching the hot volcanic stones combined with the cold marble

Lymphatic drainage (manual)
It positively affects the lymphatic system which is very useful for detoxifying and nourishing the body. The balance of the lymphatic system is essential for good immune function.

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