A Dozen Home Remedies to Cure Hiccup

Hiccups may seem occasionally a symptom of life-threatening condition. But in reality, hiccup is not fatal. A bout of hiccups lasting for days may end up in other health complications.

Hiccups occur while eating spicy food or drinking alcoholic beverages. Some say it is a disease caused by irritation in the diaphragm. It is also caused by chronic illnesses such as strokes or tumors in the brain. One need not be panic as hiccup is harmless and will go away on its own. However, hiccup can also be fatal in extreme cases.

A dozen home remedies to cure hiccup

1) Distraction is said to be one of the most successful cure for hiccup. But since many cases seem to be based on a shortage of carbon dioxide, anything that interrupts normal breathing patterns can get rid of the hiccups.

2) Most popular cure for hiccup is drinking water.  Drinking water will bring back diaphragm function to normal position and cure hiccup.

3) Blocking both the ears and drinking 6 ounces water without stopping to breathe is another remedy that helps to stop hiccups from recurring.

4) Deep breathing has been an effective home remedy for hiccup. When you feel hiccup is going to occur try taking a deep breath and hold. If you feel another hiccup is about to happen, quickly take another deep breath and hold.

5) Generally, hiccups stop after 2 or 3 occurrences. This kind of deep breath exercise changes your body’s balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide, which normally stops hiccups.

6) Chewing a piece of fresh lemon helps to make the diaphragm disorder back to normal and stop hiccup.

7) Swallowing a little sugar makes your diaphragm contract. This stops hiccups immediately.

8) Gargling with lukewarm water when you have hiccup helps to cure it. This is an effective natural remedy to stop hiccups immediately.

9) Mix one drop of peppermint essential oil in a small glass of water and drink the mixture. This stops hiccups quickly.

10) Spices such as clove, ginger, cinnamon and ginseng have beneficial effects on the digestive system and can be used in combination as an effective natural way to cure hiccups.

11) Ayurveda prescribes preparations made of cardamom called Eladi Vati to patients suffering from hiccups. For recurring hiccups Ayurveda prescribes a few home remedies. One of them is sucking a piece of fresh lemon frequently which gives quick relief.

12) Application of ice pack can be productively used to stop hiccups. Keep an ice pack in the area where your diaphragm is located for some time until the hiccup stops.

Hiccups happen because of the involuntary spasm of the diaphragm. Hence, antispasmodic properties in spices can calm the spasm of diaphragm and stop hiccup. Success in stopping hiccup varies depending on the individual’s response and the severity of the hiccups. The home remedies stated above can be tried one by one and you can stick to the one is most suitable to you.

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  3. Very good info! I hate them so much. Will use these tips for sure. Thanks.

  4. Very useful. Sometimes my father has hiccups for days on end, and water does not seem to work. Doctor asked him to take antacid!

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  6. These are really helpful tips, most of which are new to me. I don’t seem to get hiccups these days unless I drink something very cold.

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