A Healthy Life Can be Started at Home

A healthy life style is all we wan to achieve. There are so many ways to lead a healthy life. If the ways are adhered to with high descipline, the healthy life can be achieved effectively.

Living a healthy life is everyone’s dream as by being healthy you can stay away from various kinds of diseases. A healthy life can be started from within your house before creating a healthy surrounding around you like your neighborhood or elsewhere.

There are tips for a healthy home where you can live healthily in and around your house, some of which are mentioned below:

  • When cooking, use stainless cooking appliance

If you use Teflon pots and pans, they usually emit dangerous steam into the air. The emitted steam includes poison gas, carcinogens and global pollutant. You are advised to cook using appliances made of chemical-free materials like stainless steel.

  • Keep your windows open

Your staying at home all the time does not guarantee you that you will be free of pollution which occurs anywhere like in your stuffy living room. The scent of glue used in carpet, sprayed wall paint and furniture are also sources of pollution. Keep the windows open as often as possible to let the polluted air out of the house. It is also advisable to put mother in law’s tongue plants inside the house. This plant can reduce air pollution. The healthy life at home can be achieved to the maximum at least windows, especially windows to your bedroom, are regularly opened.

  • Be careful in choosing bed cover. Many bed covers or blankets are made of polyester and nylon materials usually labeled anti-wrinkle. Get bed covers and blankets made of safer materials like organic cotton goods. A healthy home is the one filled with non-chemical materials.
  • Watch out for light bulb that may break easily. Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) may be dangerous when it gets broken. Such lights contain very dangerous mercury steam. Do not throw the broken compact fluorescent lights at will as it may endanger others around you. You are advised to buy low-watt light bulb that saves energy.
  • Don’t get the car straight into the garage after having been on a journey. You are advised to park your car outside for 1 or two hours in order that the machine can cool down. The hot car machine produces warm and polluted air which may be dangerous for our health. As soon as it cools down, you can turn the machine on and drive into your car garage.
  • Do not wear anti-wrinkle clothes as clothes labeled “no iron” contain perfluorochemicals (PFC), which compounds with reproductive and developmental toxicity and bladder and liver cancer. Choose comfortable cotton clothes and spend a little time to iron your clothes so as not to tangle.
  • Be careful with your house cleaning appliances as there are now many household appliances that are made of chemical loaded materials that are dangerous for your health. Choose cleaning products made of natural non poison materials.
  • Avoid hiring dry cleaning services or if you can’t avoid it, lower the frequency of using the service. Perchlorethylene solvent is an organic compound and easily evaporates to get rid of stains in the clothes but the cleaning process leaves toxic substance in your clothes.
  • Wash your face thoroughly after coming home from a journey. If you use make-up every time you go out, make sure you wash your face as soon as you arrive home. Don’t wait till your sleeping time. Thick make-up covers your face pores which usually causes pimples. Dust and dirt during your journey may have stuck to your face.
  • Reduce indoor lighting. Dimly lit bedrooms cause pineal gland in your body to create melatonin. This will make you easy to fall asleep. Bright lighting in the room will disturb melatonin production causing you to wake up suddenly and find yourself difficult to resume your sleep. Consider buying a red bed light bulb instead of blue or white.
  • Have your mattress regularly cleaned out. Get it out of the room and dry it in the sun in order that it will get rid of musty smell and mite nest.

Hopefully with the above steps we can make our places healthy homes which are safe and comfortable to live in. Healthy lifesytes are all we have been dreaming about.

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