A Recipe of Antibiotic Juice

This juice recipe acts as antibiotic and strong antiseptic, and when being drank regularly could oppose the infection.

A Recipe of Antibiotic Juice

Fresh juice could rescue your life. Juice and luxurious vegetables have the strength of recuperation and rejuvenation that could help the person with various problems of the health. Since it is in the liquid form, juice is easy to be digested and absorbed, so it is good for the person with bad appetite, experience digestion problem or the intestines problem. Drink juice is easier than digesting vegetables. Juice contents nutrients and increase the body strength to prevent disease.

People who suffered chronic infection usually consume antibiotic. Consuming antibiotic in the long term could damage the function of the heart and the immune system. Also consuming it continuously would be ineffective because it will enhance the immune of microorganism that causes infection. To control our body we must stimulate the infected network and oppose microorganisms with natural antibiotic. We can try this recipe of antibiotic juice.

This antibiotic juice is good for people who suffers for below diseases:

1. Bronchitis or chronic asthma.
2. Influenza.
3. The ears infection and sinusitis.
4. Bad microorganisms in the intestines.
5. Tiredness.
6. The skin infection.
7. The chronic wound.
8. Cyst caused by infection.
9. Dandruff on the scalp.
10. The pimple.
11. Hepatitis A/B/C.
12. The gums infection and chronic teeth disease.
13. Herpes.
14. Tuberculosis.
15. AIDS.

This juice recipe acts as antibiotic and strong antiseptic, and when being drank regularly could fight the infection directly.
One glass (300-400 ml) must be drunk everyday by people with chronic illness.

* One carrot
* One beet
* One apple
* 1/2 cm ginger
* 1/2 cm radishes
* A half glass of water celery
* Ten cm slice of pineapple
* One garlic

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Wash all ingredients, cut into small pieces, and input them inside juicer or blender. If the taste is too sharp, dilute it with 1/2 glass of water or eliminate the water celery.

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