Acupressure Points for Good Health

Pressing and massaging acupressure points helps people to get and stay healthy. Acupressure massage helps to increase circulation, metabolism, oxygen and improve and maintain health.

Acupressure has been a popular holistic healing modality for centuries. Reflexology and acupressure are commonly used to cure headaches, relieve pain and speed recovery from illness. Acupressure massages are believed to restore health and rejuvenate the body. Facial acupressure massages help to freshen the complexion and reduce wrinkling. Pressing and massaging acupressure points helps to increase immunity and recuperation. Acupressure sessions are relaxing and refreshing.

Massaging the face and head can help to get the blood circulating and refresh the complexion. The acupressure massage can also help to revitalize the body and maintain good health. Acupressure points like GV 26 are used to revive people who have fainted or are having other physical problems. Pressing and massaging other points considered tonic points will help to improve vitality and encourage well being. Regular acupressure sessions can help to revitalize the mind, body and spirit and maintain health.

Healing acupressure treatments offer quick relief from many symptoms. Acupressure massages can be done in bed and may only take twenty minutes or less. Yet the therapeutic sessions may be tonic, refreshing and rejuvenating. Acupressure may quickly relieve anxiety or alleviate headaches and other problems. Anxiety or pain may be stopped swiftly by merely pressing the forehead or the wrist.

Pressing and massaging these acupressure points will act like a tonic to improve and maintain health. Regularly pressing and massaging these points will help to ensure good health: B 23, B 47, CV 4, CV 5, CV 6, GB 20, GV 26, ST 36 and TW 15. Regular massage of the B 23 and B 47 points on the lower back will help to increase vitality and immunity. Rubbing the points will help to treat weakness or fatigue, alleviate back pain and rejuvenate the body. Massaging the points will also improve the skin. The B 23 points are located two finger widths from the spine at waist level. The B 47 points found four finger widths from the spine at waist level. Regularly rubbing, pressing and massaging the points will help to restore health and vitality.

Regularly pressing and massaging the CV 4, CV 5 and CV 6 points will help to activate people’s self-healing abilities. Massaging the points increases vitality and immunity. Pressing and massaging the points will help to strengthen the body, improve the skin and alleviate digestive issues. The CV 4 point may be found four finger widths below the navel. The CV 5 point is located three finger widths under the navel. The CV 6 point is two finger widths under the navel. Massaging the abdominal area helps to relieve bloat, gas and digestive problems and tones the abdominal muscles.

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  1. Acupressure massage is a great method to keep your body healthy.

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