Alternative Cancer Treatment

Maple Syrup and Baking Powder – mixture used to fight tumors.

For those diagnosed with cancer, the toughest road to go down can often be the traditional medical cures offered.

Having come across the following information, I feel compelled to share it -

I cannot guarantee that the information it is accurate – or if the remedy works, however, if I, or anyone I knew was suffering, I would want to know of every potential avenue of assistance.

Jim Kelmun – a 75 year old former truck driver, has been preparing remedies to assist cancer sufferers since 1954. He has treated 200 terminal cancer sufferers, and claims that 185 of them lived for at least a further 15 years.

Oddly, Jim has been threatened with jail by authorities unless he stops administering his remedy – as he has no medical degree!!!

The Remedy – Maple Syrup and Baking Powder (Bicarbonate of soda)

  • Mix 1 part baking soda to 3 parts maple syrup
  • Heat rigorously in a pan for 5 minutes
  • Take two teaspoons of the mixture per day for the first week and then one teaspoon per day for weeks two and three – the remedy should not be continued after three weeks

Try to get aluminium free baking powder (from organic / health food shops) and pure 100% Grade B maple syrup.

Dr Mark Sircus has examined the results and comments as follows:-

“cancer cells gobble up sugar so when you encourage the intake of sugar it’s like sending in a Trojan horse. The sugar is not going to encourage the growth of the cancer colonies because the baking soda is going to kill the cells before they have a chance to grow”

“The treatment is a combination of pure, 100% maple syrup [bulk Grade B from the health food store] and baking soda and was first reported on the Cancer Tutor site. When mixed and heated together, the maple syrup and baking soda bind together. The maple syrup targets cancer cells (which consume 15 times more glucose than normal cells) and the baking soda, which is dragged into the cancer cell by the maple syrup, being very alkaline forces a rapid shift in pH killing the cell.”

An almost identical remedy has been suggested by Italian Dr Simoncini – who claims to treat cancer as if it were a fungus.

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  1. This is very interesting. I am guessing that you just eat the mixture but how often and are there any signs that it is working? Thanks for the heads up S Hayes.

  2. This is a really interesting piece!

  3. An interesting article, I hope they can prove it works and help suffers out.

  4. I suppose it does not hurt to give it a try if one needs it.

  5. Anything is worth a try when faced with something of this nature! Thanks for being brave enough to share this! :)

  6. Dr. Johanna Budwig

    If someone approached you and said that they knew of a person who insisted that not only had she developed one simple cure for many cancers but also that the recipe was available for just a pound or two from many grocery and health stores, each of us could surely be forgiven for thinking there was another crackpot in town, until that is…………………….
    Email me if you are a Medic and require the Doctor’s fax no. or the names of her books

    ………we learn the lady concerned, far from being a crackpot, is someone who has been nominated not once, but six times for the Nobel Prize in Medicine!

    Well this is exactly what appears to have occurred in the remarkable case of a lady living in Germany, now over 90 years of age, whose story can surely only be the stuff of either amazing fact or ‘well proven fiction’. Unfortunately, the truth is not something we are very likely to learn soon, if ever, from our own Doctors who appear to either prefer to remain unknowledgeable about this work, or have otherwise largely cold shouldered her remarkable discoveries – but perhaps for the most suspicious of reasons!


    Dr. Budwig is a German biochemist who holds a Ph.D. in Natural Science. Additionally, she has undergone medical training, and was schooled in pharmaceutical science, physics, botany and biology. Of more relevance to the subject in hand, is the fact the she is an expert on fats and oils, and her research and practical applications of her discoveries appear to blow the lid off our existing beliefs about oils, fats and cancers. Indeed, she is known and highly respected around the world as Germany’s premier biochemist, and as a brilliant scientist who has excelled in all courses undertaken.


    But why or how then could the rest of the medical establishment not embrace her work with enthusiasm and open arms? Could it possibly be because of the billions of pounds generated by the Drug Companies – and the serious threat to their turnovers that might arise if her concoctions were adopted as formal treatments? And could this also explain why her six nominations for the Nobel Prize have not succeeded in becoming actual awards?


    I have personally lost quite a few close people to the fate of Cancer, including my Sister. Yet, despite the utterings of quite a few Doctors who have expressed their view that chemo-therapy is effective as a treatment in no more than 4% of cases, most of us would, in all circumstances, consider it unwise not to accept orthodox medical treatments for cancers once our medical fate is in the hands of doctors, because as patients we cannot be arrogant enough, let alone knowledgeable enough, to challenge the treatments delivered. But there must surely be situations in which trying additional potential remedies cannot be dismissed, and logic may suggest that Dr. Budwig’s remedy must surely fall into such a category.


    In 1967, Dr. Budwig broadcast the following sentence during an interview over the South German Radio Network, describing her incoming patients with failed operations and x-ray therapy:-

    “Even in these cases it is possible to restore health in a few months at most, I would truly say 90% of the time”.

    “This has never been contradicted, but this knowledge has been a long time reaching this side of the ocean, hasn’t it? Cancer treatment can be very simple and very successful once you know how – but the cancer interests don’t want you to know this.

    May those of you who have suffered from this disease forgive the miscreants who have kept this simple information from reaching you for so long”.

    (signed) Dan C. Roehm, M.D. FACP


    In the mid 1950’s, Dr. Budwig began her long and meticulous research on the importance of essential fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic) in the diet. Her subsequent discoveries and announcements were embraced by the general public as astounding information. However German manufacturers of commercial dietary fats (margarine, hard shortening, vegetable oils) went to extremes to prevent her from publishing her findings, indeed all her vital announcements were initially met with resistance from those with financial interests in the commercial fats industry.

    “I have the answer to cancer, but American doctors won’t listen. They come here and observe my methods and are impressed, but then they want to make a special deal so they can take it home and make a lot of money. I won’t do it, so I’m blackballed in every country.”—Dr. Budwig

    Today, Dr. Johanna Budwig is world renowned for her important discoveries, thousands of people have flocked to her lectures, and there are several clinics that use Budwig as part of their cancer protocols, for example the Mariposa Clinic in Spain and Taylor’s Wellness Center.

    Here’s what was said in July 1990 by “Rhoem – Townsend Letter for Doctors” -

    What she (Dr. Johanna Budwig) has demonstrated to my initial disbelief. but lately to my complete satisfaction in my practice is: CANCER IS EASILY CURABLE, the treatment is dietary/lifestyle, the response is immediate; the cancer cell is weak and vulnerable; the precise biochemical breakdown point was identified by her in 1951 and is specifically correctable, in vitro (test-tube) as well as in vivo (real)… ”

    Here are just a few of the many Testimonials from patients to Siegfried Ernst, M.D. (a well regarded man who is a friend of The Pope and many other Dignitaries):-

    Testimony 1: Dr. Ernst

    Seventeen years ago Dr. Ernst had developed cancer for which he had major surgery requiring removal of his stomach. Two years later he had a recurrence of the cancer and was offered chemotherapy as the only available remedy. There was little hope for survival as virtually all individuals with recurrence of this type of cancer rarely last a year. Dr. Ernst knew that chemotherapy was not only ineffective for his type of cancer but completely destructive of the quality of life, so he refused. He turned to Dr. Budwig and her formula for help. He religiously followed Dr. Budwig’s formula and fifteen years later has not had any recurrence of cancer. As a matter of fact he seemed to me to be in perfect health and is tireless for a man in his late seventies.

    Testimony 2: Maria W.

    Maria W. tells her story in her own words: “I was told by the most expert of doctors that I would have to be operated on to cut out the cancerous tumor that was causing a swelling under my eye. They explained that the size of the tumor was much greater inside and that there was very serious bone involvement.

    The malignancy was too far advanced to respond to radiation treatment. The doctors planned to remove considerable facial tissue and bone. I was afraid for my life, but being a young woman, couldn’t bear the thought of such disfigurement.

    When I heard about Dr. Budwig’s natural formula, I was skeptical but desperate for help. After four months on this regimen, the swelling under my left eye completely disappeared. The doctors at the University hospital gave me many exhausting tests. One told me, ‘If I didn’t have your previous x-rays and medical history in front of me, I wouldn’t believe that you ever had cancer. There is hardly any indication of a tumor remaining.’ I never thought using Dr. Budwig’s formula would be so successful. My whole family and I are very grateful.”

    Testimony 3: Sandy A.

    An examination of Sandy A. revealed arachnoidal bleeding due to an inoperable brain tumor. The doctors informed Sandy that he was beyond medical help. At his expressed wish, Sandy was discharged from the hospital and sent home to die in peace.

    A friend brought Dr. Budwig’s formula to Sandy’s attention. Sandy writes. “Since I went on the Budwig regimen, the paralysis of my eyes, arms, and legs has receded daily. After only a short period of time, I was able to urinate normally. My health improved so rapidly that I was soon able to return to my work part-time.

    Shortly after that, I was again examined at the Research Center and my reflexes were completely normal. The Budwig diet saved my life! Ten years later, I was given a thorough examination at the Center as a follow-up. My incredible recovery has been written up In many medical journals and I have become what they call a ‘textbook case,’ and all because of Dr. Johanna Budwig’s simple diet.”

    Testimony 4: Timmy G.

    Seven years ago Timmy G. was diagnosed as having Hodgkin’s disease. The child was operated on and underwent 24 radiation treatments, plus additional experimental therapies that the experts hoped would be of some small help. When Timmy failed to respond favorably to these heroic measures, he was discharged as incurable, and given six months to live and sent home to die.

    The desperate parents contacted specialists all over the world. A famous newspaper took up Timmy’s cause and ran editorials pleading for someone to come forth who could offer hope for the life of a child. All the specialists who replied confirmed the cruel prognosis: There was no hope or help for Timmy.

    At this dark hour the miracle the family had prayed for happened! Timmy’s mother told her story to the press: “A friend sent me a printed piece about one of Dr. Budwig’s speeches. This material gave us hope and I contacted Dr. Budwig. In just five days, (on the Budwig regimen) Timmy’s breathing became normal for the first lime In almost two years.

    From this day on, Timmy began to feel good again. He went back to school, started swimming and by winter he was doing craft work. Everyone who knows him says how well he looks.” At age 18 Timmy is showing great promise in his university work. He knows he owes his life to Dr. Budwig and thanks her daily in his prayers.

    Dr. Budwig’s Major Discovery

    From three decades of research, Dr. Budwig found that the blood of seriously ill cancer patients was deficient in certain important essential ingredients that included substances called phosphatides and lipoproteins, while the blood of a healthy person always contains sufficient quantities of these essential ingredients.

    She found that when these natural ingredients where replaced over approximately a three month period, tumors gradually receded, weakness and anemia disappeared and life energy was restored. Symptoms of cancer, liver dysfunction and diabetes were alleviated.

    Dr. Budwig then discovered an all natural way for people to replace those essential ingredients their bodies so desperately needed in their daily diet. By simply eating a combination of just two natural and delicious foods not only can cancer be prevented but in case after case it was actually cured.

    As a top European cancer research scientist, Dr. Johanna Budwig, has therefore, it is said, discovered a totally natural formula that not only protects against the development of cancer but many people all over the world who have been diagnosed with incurable cancer, and sent home to die, have actually been cured and now lead normal healthy lives.

    The Food Companies are killing us!

    Dr. Johanna preaches against the use of what she calls “pseudo” fats. In order to extend the shelf life of their products, manufacturers use chemical processes that render their food products harmful to the body. These harmful fats go by a number of names, including “hydrogenated,” “partially hydrogenated” and even “polyunsaturated.”

    The chemical processing of fats destroys the vital electron cloud within the fat. Once the electrons have been removed, these fats can no longer bind with oxygen, and they actually become a harmful substance deposited within the body. The heart, for instance, rejects these fats and they end up as inorganic fatty deposits on the heart muscle itself.

    Chemically processed fats are not water-soluble when bound to protein. They end up blocking circulation, damage heart action, inhibit cell renewal and impede the free flow of blood and lymph fluids. The bioelectrical action in these areas slows down and may become completely paralyzed. The entire organism shows a measurable loss of electrical energy which is replenished only by adding active lipids to the diet. These nutritional fats are truly vital for man and beast alike.

    Science has proven that fats play an important role in the functioning of the entire body. Fats (lipids) are vital for all growth processing, renewal of cells, brain and nerve functions, even for the sensory organs (eyes and ears), and for the body’s adjustment to heat, cold and quick temperature changes. Our energy resources are based on lipid metabolism. To function efficiently, cells require true polyunsaturated, live electron-rich lipids, present in abundance in raw flaxseed oil. True polyunsaturated fats greedily absorb proteins and oxygen and pump them through the system.

    The Magic Formula

    The magic formula is made up of a combination of two natural foods, the basis of which is the use of organic flaxseed oil blended with low-fat cottage cheese in balanced proportions. These must be eaten together to be effective, since one triggers the properties of the other to be released. Cottage cheese of course is available in most grocery shops. The other, pure organic linseed oil, however comes primarily from Europe and can only usually be found in certain health food shops.

    It is essential to use only unrefined, cold-pressed oils with high linolic acid content, such as linseed, sunflower, soya, poppyseed, walnut, and flax oils. Such oil should be consumed together with foods containing the right proteins otherwise the oils will have the OPPOSITE EFFECT, causing more harm than good.

    The best combination has been found to be cottage cheese and linseed oil. The linseed should be freshly ground. Carbohydrates containing natural sugar, such as dates, figs, pears, apples and grapes, can also be included in the diet. Honey is also beneficial. She feels most of the synthetic vitamin A preparations are bad because they contain oxidation products, but much carotene as pro-vitamin A (from carrot) is consumed. Vitamin B from buttermilk, yogurt, and natural yeast is beneficial.

    A person requires daily about 4 oz. of cottage cheese mixed well with 1.5 oz. of linseed oil. A blender or eggbeater works fine. The mixture an be sweeten with honey or otherwise flavored naturally. Fresh fruits can be added.

    Thousands have been helped by her protocol. Testimonials can be found for almost every type of cancer and tumors, even late stage. Dr. Budwig has assisted many seriously ill individuals, even those given up as terminal by orthodox medical practitioners, to regain their health through a simple regimen of nutrition.


    Budwig claims that the diet is both a preventative and a curative. She says the absence of linol-acids in the average western diet is responsible for the production of oxydase, which induces cancer growth and is the cause of many other chronic disorders.

    The theory is: the use of oxygen in the organism can be stimulated by protein compounds of sulphuric content, which make oils water-soluble and which is present in cheese, nuts, onion and leek vegetables such as leek, chive, onion and garlic, but especially cottage cheese.

    After more than 10 years of solid clinical application, Dr. Budwig’s natural formula has proven successful where many orthodox remedies have failed, and has been used therapeutically in Europe for prevention of: Cancer! Arteriosclerosis, Strokes, Cardiac Infarction, Heartbeat (irregular), Liver (fatty degeneration), Lungs (reduces bronchial spasms), Intestines (regulates activity). Stomach Ulcers (normalizes gastric juices), Prostate (hypertopic), Arthritis (exerts a favorable influence), Eczema (assists all skin diseases), Old age (improves many common afflictions), Brain (strengthens activity), Immune Deficiency Syndromes (multiple sclerosis, autoimmune illnesses).


    The Flaxseed (Linseed) oil diet was originally proposed by Dr. Johanna Budwig in 1951 and recently re-examined by Dr. Dan C. Roehm M.D. FACP (Oncologist and former cardiologist) in 1990. Dr. Roehm claims: “this diet is far and away the most successful anti-cancer diet in the world”.

    The beneficial oxydase ferments are destroyed by heating or boiling oils in foods, and by nitrates used for preserving meat, etc.

    The theory is: the use of oxygen in the organism can be stimulated by protein compounds of sulphuric content, which make oils water-soluble and which is present in cheese, nuts, onion and leek vegetables such as leek, chive, onion and garlic, but especially cottage cheese.

    Ferments of cell respiration closely connected with the highly unsaturated fatty acids, are also needed for proper oxydation. It is essential to use only unrefined, cold-pressed oils with high linolic acid content, such as linseed, sunflower, soya, poppyseed, walnut, and corn oils. Such oil should be consumed together with foods containing the right proteins otherwise the oils will have the OPPOSITE EFFECT, causing more harm than good.

    The best combination is cottage cheese and linseed oil. The linseed should be freshly ground. Carbohydrates containing natural sugar, such as dates, figs, pears, apples and grapes, are also included in the diet. Honey is also beneficial. Most of the synthetic vitamin A preparations are bad because they contain oxidation products, but much carotene as provitamin A (from carrot) is consumed. Vitamin B from buttermilk, yoghurt, and natural yeast is beneficial.

    A person requires daily about 4 oz. of cottage cheese mixed well with 1.5 oz. of linseed oil and 1 oz. of milk. A blender or egg beater works fine. The mixture can be sweetened with honey or otherwise flavoured naturally. Fresh fruits can be added. Every morning 2 spoonfuls of freshly ground linseed oil should be taken in luke warm buttermilk or yoghurt.

    The diet is indicated for all kinds of chronic diseases, especially heart ailments (coronorary thrombosis), gall disorders, diabetes, arthritis, and malignancies. It improves failing hearing and sight. It is the ideal nutrient for children and infants. It is suggested that this diet be supplemented with lactic acid ferments (4).


    Dr. Budwig’s actual research, bearing in mind that the paper she wrote about it was itself nominated for a Nobel Prize, was based on using the ratio of 2 tablespoons flaxseed oil mixed with one-quarter cup of low fat cottage cheese.

    Backed with all this extensive research, the evidence overwhelmingly suggests that supplementing your diet daily with flaxseed oil, combined with sulphurated proteins could very well be the most important thing you do for yourself every day.

    Indeed, as a lifelong Vegetarian, all I have needed to do is to mix this recipe into my morning porridge – which is comprised otherwise of oats boiled with water, with added raisins, sliced banana and lecithin granules – it looks horrible, but is absolutely delicious, and provides low calories for staying slim yet provides buckets of energy and keeps me feeling so full that I don’t feel hungry for most of the rest of the day.


    Dr. Budwig’s methods have been used to successfully heal terminal cancer patients, people with heart diseases, arthritis and other ailments after they had been given up as hopeless by the conventional medical practitioners.

    Her methods were so simple that any housewife could use her techniques with no special training and with good results. In fact, this is exactly what happened in many cases, for people with serious diseases were curing themselves to the astonishment of the conventional medical practitioners.

    However, in spite of the simplicity of Dr. Budwig’s discoveries, they also reveal a profound relationship to not only the harmonious working of the human body, but man’s relationship with the Cosmos itself. To really understand her work, you will have to study her writings or the work of later nutritionists who are following in her footsteps, which requires a great deal of material to be studied.


    In the course of her treatment of ill people, she studied blood samples to see if there is any correlation between the blood quality of ill people and healthy people. After studying thousands of blood samples, she discovered that the difference was that healthy people had a higher content of Omega3 oils in their blood than those who are ill.

    Omega3 is one of the essential fatty acids, or EFAs, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the body. She experimented on finding the best ways to get the Omega3 oils properly absorbed into a person’s system and ultimately found that the richest source of Omega3 oil is flax seeds.

    However, only oil that has been protected from heat and oxidation, caused by oxygen and light, is sufficiently pure enough to be of benefit to human health. Oils not prepared this way quickly become rancid and are detrimental to human health. In fact, Dr. Budwig, with further research, came to the conclusion that the vast majority of chronic illnesses today are caused by the improper mass processing of foods and oils, plus poor nutrition as well as the world-wide use of dangerous pesticides which contaminate the food and destroy the electrons.

    Based on these observations, Dr. Budwig began treating her patients by giving them a combination of high quality flax seed oil, which is rich in Omega3 oil, and quark, which is something similar to cottage cheese or yogurt in that it is rich in high quality protein.

    Quark is difficult to obtain, but either yogurt, cottage cheese, skim milk, soy milk or rice milk is a good substitute, though there needs to be a proper ratio of oil to protein. The reason for the mixture of the oil with a high quality protein is that by combining the protein with the oil, the oil becomes water soluble in the body and can be absorbed more readily. It can enter the smallest capillaries, dissolving any of the undesirable fats and cleaning out the veins and arteries. It also strengthens the heart, dissolves tumors and cures arthritis.


    It sounds like a lot, but it must work as how else could Dr. Budwig have worked with so many patients who were terminally ill and some who had only hours to live who, after being given her combination of oil-protein plus organic foods, plus exercise, fresh air and used the healing powers of the sun, resulted in the cure of those”hopeless” cases, who sometimes started to show improvement within days.

    The following is a quote from one of her books:

    “I often take very sick cancer patients away from hospital where they are said to have only a few days left to live, or perhaps only a few hours. This is mostly accompanied by very good results. The very first thing which these patients and their families tell me is that, in the hospital, it was said that they could no longer urinate or produce bowel movements. They suffered from dry coughing without being able to bring up any mucous. Everything was blocked. It greatly encourages them when suddenly, in all these symptoms, the surface-active fats, with their wealth of electrons, start reactivating the vital functions and the patient immediately begins to feel better. It is very interesting to ask how this sudden change is possible. It has to do with the reaction patterns, with the character of electrons. In the last two years, I have come to be very fond of them. A friend of my work in Paris, wrote to me how wonderful it is that you have discovered the original birthplace of the electrons in seed oils to be the sun. That’s how these connections are made!”


    One of the significant aspects of Dr. Budwig’s work is that she has re-discovered the affinity of the human body with the sun. If the body has the right balance of oils and proteins, it has a magnetic field which attracts the photons in sunlight and thus is open to the healing powers of the sun. (The WW wonders therefore if the absence of this balance followed by exposure to ‘holiday sun’ might explain skin cancer?)

    An individual member of an Ashram, Jack Phelan stated:-

    “I tried Dr. Budwig’s methods for general health improvement, and I was amazed that within even less than the three days she predicted, I felt an incredible improvement in so many areas that it would take too much time to describe it here. I then recommended it to several members of our Ashram and those who took it seriously had similar experiences to mine. We all felt an increased feeling of general well-being, a feeling of lightness, more energy, better circulation and, when in the sun, I felt the healing power of the sun affecting my skin much differently than before. Also, every week or two, I become aware of feeling better in different ways. Old aches go away, my skin improves and I am able to do things better. One woman felt so good about it that she gave it to her children and said that right away she could see improvements in their skin tone. As she spoke, I saw that her own skin had more color and was radiant. And this was only about two days after she started taking the oil-protein combination”.


    “Numerous, independent clinical studies published in major medical journals world wide confirm Dr. Budwig’s findings….Over 40 years ago Dr. Budwig presented clear and convincing evidence, which has been confirmed by hundreds of other related scientific research papers since, that the essential fatty acids were at the core of the answer to the cancer problem…You will come to your own conclusions as to why this simple effective prevention and therapy has not only been ignored—it has been suppressed!”—Dr. Willner, M.D., Ph.D. (The Cancer Solution).

    “Nobody seemed to notice that a crime has been committed: It was the case of the missing nutrient. The nutrient was essential; it was a nutrient we human beings needed in order to stay healthy. It started to disappear from our diet about 75 years ago and now is almost gone. Only about 20% of the amount needed for human health and well-being remains. The nutrient is a fatty acid so important and so little understood that I call it “the nutritional missing link”….Food grade linseed oil & fish oil are the best sources of this special fat—Omega 3 essential fatty acid—which modern food destroys.”—Donaldo. Rudin, M.D. (The Omega 3 Phenomenon)

    In a 1994 study of 121 women with breast cancer, those in more advanced stages whose breast cancer had spread to their lymph nodes showed the lowest levels of omega-3 fatty acids in the breast tissue. After 31 months, the 20 women who had developed metastases had significantly lower levels of these EFAs (Essential fatty acids) than those who didn’t. Another study out of Boston University using the same type of tissue profiles that were used in the breast cancer study demonstrated that patients with coronary artery disease likewise had, low levels of EFAs.

    “The association between fats—meaning saturated, refined w6s (Omega 6), rancid fats, processed oils, and altered fats—and cancer, (but excluding w3s and fresh, natural, unrefined oils) has long been documented. (They) interfere with oxygen use in our cells. Heat, hydrogenation, light, and oxygen produce chemically altered fat products that are toxic to our cells….These fats kill people. Healing fats in cancer include…… w3s (Omega 3s), enhance oxygen use in cells, decrease tumour formation, slow tumour growth, decrease tumour formation, decrease the spread of cancer cells (metastasis), and extend the patient’s survival time. Unsaturated fatty acids in fresh, unheated oils are anti-mutagenic….W9, w6, w3 are all effective. Saturated fatty acids to not have this protective ability. Heating these oils above 150C makes them lose their protective power, and they become mutation-causing. ALL mass market oils except virgin olive oil have undergone heating during deodorization…When we use virgin olive oil or other unrefined oils for sauteeing, frying…we overheat them, destroying their protective, anti-mutagenic properties. ALL hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated products have also been overheated..”—Udo Erasmus (Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill).

    “Our immune system, which is vital for destroying cancer cells, requires EFAs, vitamins C, B6, and A, and zinc to function, and requires an exceptionally rich nutrient supply of ALL essential nutrients for its high level of complex cellular activities. Deficiencies of EFAs and toxic, man-made synthetic drugs that intefere with essential fatty acid functions can create the conditions of fatty degeneration collectively known as cancer.”–Erasmus

    Dr. Rudin believes the Omega 3 story parallels the story of Beriberi & Pellagra. It took them 200 years to accept pellagra was a nutrient deficiency.

    “Compared to 100 years ago, Omega 3 is down 80%, B vitamins are estimated to be down to about 50% of the daily requirement. Vitamin B6 consumption may be low as it is removed in grain milling and not replaced. Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and E have also been lost in food processing. Minerals are depleted in a similar way. Fibre is down 75-80%. Antinutrients have increased substantially—saturated fat, 100%; cholesterol, 50%; refined sugar nearly 1000%; salt up to 500%; and funny fat isomers nearly 1,000%.”—Dr. Rudin.

    Proven Benefits Still Pouring In

    Since Dr. Johanna Budwig’s findings on the benefits of flaxseed oil have been widely publicised, scientists around the world have been gradually jumping on the bandwagon. Studies conducted using flaxseed oil on numerous disorders have been pouring in from all over the world, showing impressive results, including anti-tumor activity, increased metabolism, greatly boosted immune system, reduced cholesterol levels, normalized blood pressure levels and inhibition of cancer cell growth.

    Books research reports, articles and testimonials abound, all touting the healthy benefits achieved by supplementing the diet with organic, raw, cold-pressed flaxseed oil with low-fat cottage cheese.

    Dr. Budwig’s cures are well documented and have stood the tests of opposition from the conventional medical establishment.

    The Final Questions?

    There is of course a lot more material on Dr. Budwig’s work than can be contained in just this article. But If you end up deciding that you do believe that Dr. Budwig has demonstrated a cure for many cancers, then it becomes logical to give equal consideration to what she cites as the probable causes of a disease running viciously rampant in today’s society.

    And if, as a consequence of that, you decide to attempt prevention now rather than cure later, then it may be necessary during your future shopping days to avoid food products which contain either hydronated or part hydronated ingredients, as we are unlikely to be able to rely anytime soon on those food suppliers and retailers whose financial interests are to take priority over examining these discoveries.

    But though this sounds like a simple enough task, I have certainly not found it so, as I discovered during my recent visit to a typical supermarket. Approaching the checkout till with a normal trolleyful of items, I stopped to return the vegetable oil (no more chips for me) and scour the labels on the other products I was about to buy. The result of this was that I returned to the shelves over three quarters of the entire contents of my trolley, and arrived home with little more than basic fruit, rice, oats, beans and vegetables. Mind you – isn’t that the diet which us humans were always supposed to eat?

  7. what is most curious about this is that he mixes sugar (which cancer feeds on) and baking soda (supposetly kills it). There are many alternative cancer treatments that work this way, trick the cell with sugar then once inside destroy it.
    Maybe this is the way this remedy works, who knows.

  8. I have a friend that is coping with cancer i am going to send her this articles. It certainly can’t hurt. Thanks for the info , great article.

  9. Do not confuse Baking Powder with Baking Soda They are two different substances. The cancer protocols I have read about all use the Baking Soda NOT the Baking Powder

  10. Interesting information. Anything is worth the try.

  11. A very informative article. You will never know any results until you try them, even if it is just for preventative measures. Thanks for the Info.

  12. This indeed seems one of those remedies that would cause no harm in trying it.

  13. Wow this is interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I appreciate reading the story and would try and or suggest this remedy to anyone. I know of a Cancer patient who is going thru
    Chemo. It ain’t pretty. I am an advocate of alternative therapies and have followed various therapies for the last 30 years. Conventional Doctors don’t know or what to know alternative therapies for one simple reason….Money. My advice is to take matters into your own hands. Read, Read & Read up on
    alternatives and if it makes sense to you, give it a shot. Forgive the pun.

  15. Very interesting. I have never knew any of these things before. Thanks for sharing.

  16. when someone get positive result. please come back and post. thank you. i am trying it as of tomorrow. i am going to buy aluminum free baking soda from traderjoes. take care. thanks for sharing.

  17. it is not “odd” that mr. kelmun would be charged, for technically he is practicing medicine without a license. we need to do away with the ama, fda and dea…they exist only to 1. protect their own existance 2. to protect the profits made from so-called conventional and accepted treatments (which in my mind are more akin to torture than treatment)…

    cannabis is also proving to be useful in the actual treatment (dare i say cure) of cancer, prion disease (aka mad cow) and alzheimers – among other things.

    also interesting to note – there was a recent article showing that high dose intravenous vitamin c may also kill cancer – having to do with the vitamin c turning into hydrogen peroxide…but i think it works on the same principle – lower in the ph of the cancer cells causing them to die.

  18. One question I’ve wondered is about sugar feeding cancer. Are they talking only about sugar from the sugarcane plant? There are numerous types of sugars from fruit sugars, corn sugars, maple syrup, honey, etc. Is it all bad? What about raw, unrefined, organic sugar vs. conventional sugar?

  19. My father is terminally ill with cancer, he is expected to have only a few days or weeks left. I read about this maple syrup+baking soda treatment, and asked if he would like to try it, even though we all have already accepted that he’s dying.

    In the morning of the first day he took a portion of it, and already in the evening my mom said that dad was able to talk a lot longer than normally without exhaustion. So let’s see, maybe it helps.

    I’ll also propose this cottage cheese + oil diet, like alraedy said by many, he has nothing to loose and everything to win. I’ll keep you posted on what happens.

    All I do know, is that the big medical companies have made tens of thousands of profit with his cancer, and only made him feel worse.

  20. Carlos, my heart goes out to you and your family – I hope and pray that this alternative remedy has some positive effect on your father. Please keep me informed.

  21. We are a little confused. We are reading baking “soda” and we are also reading baking “powder” Can anyone clarify please? These are two different products.
    Thank you.

  22. Thanks for the information. After surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, my melanoma is still with me. You reach a point that you are willing to try anything to get rid of the cancer beast. I put myself in God’s hands for healing but it doesn’t hurt to do some self-help too. Hope these remedies help all who try them.

  23. Very good topic to debate! as no prove evidence from any doctors in this world. Who knows, could be high risks to follow your advice. Who want to be your first experiment?

  24. Ok, at least from our side I can say that the treatment (baking soda+syrup & cottage cheese+oil) didn’t work. My father passed away on Saturday, may he rest in peace.

    For the first 6 days his condition actually seemed to get a bit better, he was even able to sit up for a few minutes and eat a bit of solid food. But then on the 8th day of the treatment his condition collapsed, he was hospitalized and finally passed away 4 days later.

    Can’t say this or that about the “treatment”, it didn’t help him, at least not all the way.

    Now it’s time for him to rest.

  25. Carlos, I am so sorry for your loss – it is difficult to find the right words of condolence.
    Many say that death is not something to fear but is in fact the most beautiful and amazing experience of our entire lives and I for one believe that it it is not the end.
    It’s the ones left to battle on who have the tough time – Carlos, I hope you find your boundless inner strength, appreciate your time, keep your loved ones close, and look after each other. x

  26. Thanks s hayes, I appreciate your kind words.

    I actually have thought about it, my father knows now what’s after death. And I’m sure there is something.

    The weird thing is btw, that I’m living in another country than my parents, and around the time when my father died, our dog started shaking like hell, and went hiding behind some flower pots. I somehow think that dad came over for the last visit, wanted to see the grandchildren once more.

    All the best to you.


  27. I will stumble this

  28. Hey there! I’ve also read somewhere about treating cancer as if it were a fungus. Personally, I don’t believe that there are certain diseases that are incurable.

  29. Hi there! My father has a brain tumor, the doctors have raised their hands, so we are trying anything there is. He is on the “maple sirup & baking soda” for the second day now. Can’t say i notice any changes… will keep you posted.

    We’re also trying to get a “cancer cure” from cuba under the name of ESCOZUL… it’s still in the 3rd stage of clinical testing, but it’s said to be working. And it’s free, you just have to go to cuba to get it.

  30. My comment is regarding the Syrup and Baking Soda/Powder piece.

    It is not clear whether we should use Baking Soda or Baking Powder. Because in one sentence it says Baking Powder and another it refers to Baking Soda. Could someone clarify this, please. I would very much like to try this mixture.

    I am a cancer patient and the remedy makes sense. For the PET Scan a mixture of glucose and dye is used. Because cancer cells hold the sugar, the coloring will expose them to the scanner, hence pictures of the affected areas.

    Thank you in advance for the clarification.

  31. My son (26) was diagnosed in Feb this year with a glioma brain tumor, after an inconclusive biopsy the doctors gave us three options, removal, radical chemo/rad or another biopsy. I must say the top surgoen of this well known cancer treatment university pretty much told us it was my way or the highway…so we opted for the biopsy and the highway…my son has been on the Budwig diet for three weeks now. Three days in the diet his migranes, seizures and swelling went away…he is feeling Great! since the traditional didn’t offer him much hope we are staying with the diet. He is married with a two year old and one on the way, served as a marine in Iraq and has much left to do. Will keep you posted.

  32. Would there be any harm if a person took the maple syrup and baking soda and NOT have been diagnosed with cancer for precautionary reasons. Thank you.


  33. IT is obviously BAKING SODA! That is Bicarbonate of Soda.
    Also see for full protocol;

  34. Thanks, Paul, for this valuable information. I will do a bit more research on it and see if I can find any more info on this on the net.

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