An Orgasm a Day Keeps The Doctor Away

The benefits of consensual sex between adult men and women have for long been underrated. Unknown to many couples, sexual fulfillment can go a long way into keeping the doctor away and reducing those medical bills. What are you waiting for? Hit the sack, get that orgasm and keep the doctor away.

43% of women suffer from sexual dysfunction

According to the Journal of American Medicine Association nearly half of all American women (43%) have a sexual dysfunction that prevents them from experiencing orgasm during sexual intercourse. This disability may not be out of their own volition. Many a times it is a combination of their upbringing, social inhibitions that place greater responsibility on the male sexual partner or some kind of natural timidity that is often present in many of us.

Sexual fulfilment has great medical advantages

Unknown to these women sexual fulfilment has medical advantages that surpass the desire to stay happily married or simply get another child. Great sex is associated with pain relief and may actually cure women that suffer from migraines and muscular cramps. During an orgasm, chemical compounds known as endorphins are produced. These chemicals are related to morphine and therefore have a pain relief capacity. See, you don’t have to depend on excess paracetamol or ibuprofen. Just hit the sheets and cry out, honey, am ready.

Orgasm relieves stress and aids sleep

An orgasm relieves stress and improves sleeping patterns. The satiety produced by an orgasm brings about a sudden drop in blood pressure and breathing rate coupled by release of the hormone noradrenalin that completely relaxes and brings about better sleep. You need not reach out for any tranquilizers or sleeping pills when you are having trouble with sleep, hit the sack I say and enjoy the rest of the night in paradise.

Orgasm relieves tension

An orgasm also relieves tension. You are tense all over. A massage isn’t helping at all. You don’t know what to do in order to relax. Well, just have amazing sex and everything will be fine. You need not take any antidepressants, you need not visit a counselor to tell you what is wrong with you, and neither do you need any medical attention. All you need is an orgasm and phew…all the stress, all the tension will disappear.

Great sex reduces craving for junk food

Great sex will also reduce your regular craving for junk food. I know you can’t keep your hands away from the fridge every couple of hours. You are bored to death and the only thing that can fell that void is eating and again eating which results into weight gain which in turn complicates an already complicated situation and you end up developing heart disease. Great sex will drive away that boredom while an orgasm will release natural amphetamines that will help regulate that kind of craving.

Sex exercises the muscles

Great sex also exercises the muscles including your ears and eyelids and helps to burn those calories for you. It’s more than going to the gym and desperately trying to keep yourself in shape. What are you waiting for? Hit the sack and get that orgasm. If you can do that daily, or at least three times a week, you may soon forget all visits to the doctor. But remember, the sex must be consensual otherwise it will amount to rape however beneficial it is and you will be locked behind bars for trying to save your husband or wife from that fat medical bill.

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  1. man i really need to find my lucky to be wife …

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  9. Excellent advice Doc. But what if the guy sucks in bed or he is taking Viagra? Do you stay with the same partner or find someone else who brings you to ectasy? LOL.

  10. oh, I’m still single but I had read many this topic. I understand this. Continue my friend.

  11. An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away in competition with the apple, an orgasm a day may keep the doctor away an orgasm is on eof the healthiest things you can give yourself each day.

  12. haha, this title reminds me of my earlier poem “some fruits for you”, “eat an apple a day and keep the lobster away”…
    oh, an orgasm a day! If twice a day, can? (just joking, heehee, naughty, naughty).

  13. wonderful! Thanks for visiting! Best Regards, gigi.

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  18. Fascinating one, friend. This made me chuckle. :)

  19. I agree wholeheartedly, sex is good for whatever ails you.

  20. I’m not one to disagree with the truth. Well done.

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  24. This is really informative, something different.A useful share indeed.

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  27. An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away it’s hard to argue that “an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away”, but is it something

  28. Whatever your sexuality, be proud of it!

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  31. I would have sooo tryed this out.. But i’ve had a recent loss..
    Please read my depressing story.

  32. I knew it all the time.

  33. Informative. Well crafted and I will pass on this info to many.

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  35. Thus why the “headache” excuse shouldn’t really be used when you’re not in the mood…

  36. A very informative and interesting article Shilaho. Well done!

  37. I keep telling my husband this…

  38. Excellent article. I read the intro and had to run off to the bedroom with my wife before reading the whole article.

    “I write to entertain, and for a cause.”

  39. I like the way you put humor in sucha a serious matter… keep it up… cheers…!

  40. Just another man-made myth
    To get salacious comments with
    Indian yogis keep the doctor away
    Simply breathing in and out hey
    No doubt singles get excited
    And the married yawn incited.

  41. Im just gunna say…WIERD! but intresting xD

  42. ive also heard apple a day keeps the doctor away…hehehehe

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  49. Thank you my friends, from the bottom of my heart.

  50. i wonder if it works for my migraines? lolz

  51. Interesting. And you didn’t mention the side effects. Every activity has its side effects atleast long term if not noticeable.

  52. Not letting my husband read

  53. This is so true and makes quite a bit of sense.

  54. It is very informative, indeed =) if you don’t mind please visit my articles as well =)

  55. Great sexercise works both the mind and body.

    Those chemicals released into our bodies makes us feel good!

  56. Great info! Just keep it safe. :)

  57. I’ve known this all along. And the weight loss thing – 300 calories per hour can be burned if I’m not mistaken. Nice write. :)

  58. Thanks for the advise, and talking about wanting something to eat what about a pulled pork sandwich before you hit the sack?

  59. WoW. This is Good News!
    This has just confirmed what I’ve always said to my Missus when she is not feeling too good. I just say to her……
    “I have just the right thing for that……”
    Not sure if me old back can keep up with it every day though, but I’m willing to give it a try….for medicinal reasons, you understand!

  60. wow! choosing between junk food and sex.. hmmmm.. quite hard choice, huh! :) But really nice write up! Sex should be the 4th basic need of humans.

  61. Now that I’ve read this article, I think I need a cigarette. LOL!

  62. very valuable tips. Will follow these after my marriage :)

  63. Perhaps its time to go orgasmic as a prescription? LOL!

  64. Does that mean I have to wait till tomorrow for another!! cheers Jimmy

  65. Well the angle of the penis matters a lot and 98% of the women fake their orgasms with men during intercourse just to give them the feel good. One of the highest reasons for sexual dissatisfaction and attributed cause of bed hopping.
    So if you want to give them a proper orgasm while in action get the angle right apart from the movement. Its just like dancing, you get the step wrong, you trip and fall you get the move wrong Big O don\’t come.
    Women are generally multi-orgasmic but its usually when they pleasure themselves. The rest of them just want to scream they are getting it.
    Woman on top has guaranteed results but on two rounds for some even three.
    Ask Lovely Honey aka Stupid Rose he will show you some \’anonymous\’ rose tips when he is not grinning like a jackass around. Ask him lovingly and he will give it to you for free too and tell you don\’t scare me too.

  66. BTW orgasms release Endorphin that calm stress and that is one of the biggest reason for an orgasm.
    Don’t necessarily need a man for it.
    Tell Love Doctor that, she things change of partner would bring the O, it doesn’t bring HIV and other STD’s along with broken marriages and unwanted babies.

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