Ancient Medicines to Nip Your Back Pain in The Bud

Back pain has become a common ailment of the computer era. Poor body posture, lack of exercises and muscle weakness lead to back pain. It is necessary to diagnose back pain in the budding stage and get proper treatment.

Back pain is one of the most common ailments that people all over the world experience today. It is also the least bothered one in the beginning stage. Pain may be felt suddenly or constantly in the back of the body in the neck, in the middle or in the lower lumbar area. Back pain occurs when there is a malfunction in the bones, muscles or ligaments in the body. Muscle weakness is one the main reasons for back pain. Poor posture of the body during activities also is another main reason that leads to back pain.

Although there is no particular age for back pain, it is significantly found common among people aged 35 and above. Since back pain is not so serious as to be fatal, many people ignore it in the beginning stage. But if it is not treated in the beginning, it may lead to adverse consequences.

The longer people ignore the warning signs and put off getting treatment the harder it becomes for their condition when they try to get treatment. Working people postpone treatment due to negligence and pressure from their work. It is only when the back pain develops into something serious like arthritis or chronic back pain that they approach for medical help. It is necessary that such pains in the back should be recognized in the beginning stage and get proper treatment.

Ancient alternative medical treatments for back pain

Alternative medicines have been great help throughout ancient and modern history of humanity. They are reliable and have no side effects. Some of the alternative medicines used for back pain are given below.

1) Ayurveda, the ancient medicinal system of India, says that lower back pain is the result of imbalance in the three humors(doshas) and back pain occurs due to the aggravation of Vata humor. Internal and external treatments are given to balance this condition. Ayurveda suggests taking warm or hot food to reduce Vata dosha. Drinking warm water or warm milk helps balancing Vata. Ayurvedic medicines such as Asthavargam and Triphala Guggulu (herbal preparations) are given internally. The system is very particular about following the diet regimen and inducing proper elimination.

2) Ayurveda also suggests abhyanga (sesame oil massage) on the back. It is better to use warm oil for massaging. Panchakarma is also practised to balance the humors. Detoxifying treatments are administered to balance Vata.

3) Yoga therapy, a part of Ayurveda, suggests relaxing exercises or yoga poses for relieving backache. This helps stabilizing spine and directing body’s energy to the affected area. Locust pose, cat pose, and corpse pose are suggested by yoga therapy.

4) Chiropractic treatment, an ancient system from China, is beneficial for back pain. Chiropractic adjustment to the spine has been much successful in reducing back pain. This therapy is very good for all the malfunctions of body’s musculoskeletal system which contains more than 200 bones tied together by muscles, tendons and ligaments. Back pain occurs when one of these parts gets out of the alignment.

Ayurvedic and Chiropractic treatments have been very successful in treating back pain. In the modern lifestyle one should be aware of them and nip the back pain in the bud.

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