Are You a Natural-born Healer?

Do you have the power to make people feel good? Complete our quiz and find out whether your hands are of the healing variety…

1. Can you see auras (a kind of halo – sometimes brightly-coloured, sometimes grey or white) around the heads and/or bodies of all living creatures)?

a) Yes, I see them all the time

b) If I squint my eyes and look hard, I can just about make them out

c) No, but I often associate a colour with a person or a person’s mood

d) No – I’ve never been able to see them

2. If a friend or a member of your family is ill, how do you feel?

a) Vaguely irritated

b) Very sympathetic

c) Like helping them, but in a practical way

d) A bit helpless

3. Do you almost always feel rather hot?

a) Yes, I often don’t bother wearing a coat even in winter

b) No, I really feel the cold, even during the summer

c) Yes, but that’s because I’m quite an active person

d) Depends on the weather

4. Do people comment on the temperature of your hands?

a) All the time

b) Yes, they always moan about how freezing they are

c) Yes, they say they’re too hot and clammy

d) No, but then I avoid touching people most of the time

5. If a close friend has a headache, do you give them:

a) A couple of paracetamol,

b) A nice head massage,

c) Some friendly advice, or

d) A hard time?

6. Have you ever tried to make someone feel physically better by rubbing the pain away for them?

a) No – in fact, it all sounds a bit pervy to me

b) I’d sometimes like to, but I’d be worried about what they’d think

c) Yes, and I’ve had some good results too

d) No, I don’t believe in all that “laying on of hands” mumbo-jumbo

7. Do you believe in the power of positive thinking?

a) No, what happens in my life has nothing to do with what’s going on in my head

b) No, whether I’m feeling positive or negative, all the bad stuff still seems to happen

c) Yes, I’m a great believer in the old saying “smile and the world smiles with you.”

d) Yes, and I know for a fact that it works every time

8. Have you ever seen a ghost, a UFO or an alien – or something which could possibly have been one?

a) Yes, I’ve seen all three

b) No and I wouldn’t expect to either

c) Yes, at least one

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