Back Pain Remedies

If you are one who is suffering with bad back pain, these may be ways to soothe the ache.

Recent survey shows that the people suffering from back pains are increasing in number. Oddly enough, a great portion of the number is from the group of young people. It sounds weird and scary, doesn’t it? A lot of people choose to ignore back pains, assuming that it is just a temporary phase. They try different temporary remedies like applying ointment on the affected area. We know what usually happens when we ignore chronic pain for a long time, it only gets worse. Paradoxically enough, the ones that usually are casing these back pains are technology and its latest innovations. High tech stuff and gizmos which promotes mobility like laptops, game boys, playstations, and more, actually encourages us to sit lazily someplace and play or work. Internets and television cables have offered us tons of entertainment making it easy for us to be couch potatoes. We barely go out, socialize, and most especially exercise! And in going it, even though it’s just a short and walking distance, we go and take our cars.

Amidst the spread of this back pain dilemma, would you think we have another option aside from surgery or prescribed drugs? Glad to say that there are now different remedies available that are out in market. These available remedies can cure back pains slowly and gradually eases the pain. A lot of people nowadays, prefer natural ways and remedies since they do not have any side effects and since they have been practiced over centuries.

Here are a few of the natural approaches or remedies used to ease and cure back pains:

YOGA – Yoga includes many different exercises for easing back pains. If you have just taken yoga, it is best that you consult a yoga teacher first (preferably your own) as to what exercises you should be doing to lessen your back pain. The yoga teacher might even advice you to take certain diet plans that you should follow or certain herbs that you should take to alleviate the pain and in time get rid of the back pain.

ACUPRESSURE – An ancient Oriental practice done in the past, and up to even now, of applying pressure on certain points on your body, which is to release energy from the points and cures the disease or rids the pain. For back pains specifically, acupressure recommends pressing designated or certain points behind the affected person’s knees.

MUSIC THERAPY – This natural therapy is not well known to a lot of people. Studies have shown that music therapy has been effective in reducing pain and at the same time it minimizes depression and anxiety incorporated with the back pain one feels.

BREATHING EXERCISES – The Pranayam technique, which is related and closely associated with yoga, brings together movement, breathing, and meditation. This technique is and easy and free alternative therapy for back pain.

There are a lot of other natural cures and remedies known for pack pain. You may do some research in the library or maybe surf on the internet for more information about this topic. It is always recommended that before you try anything, you first see and consult with your doctor. There are some extreme or severe back pain cases wherein surgery is not an option and must be done.

Same with all other pains and diseases, it is better to prevent back pain rather than finding solutions for it once you have them. A change in ones lifestyle might save you the need for seeing your doctor regarding back pains. Doing simple things like exercising, having good posture, and having proper diet and proper intake of calcium and vitamins- all these could save you the money for back pain treatments later on.

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  1. This is some great read. Thanks!

  2. Really great advice. Thank you for this. I suffer from recurring back pain and tend to put up with it until it goes, but I am definitely going to think about treating it properly now.

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