Balance is Like Breath: It’s Only Important When We’ve Lost It!

Lack of balance is the primary cause for falls and injury! Here’s a simple test to find out if you’re well-balanced!

Life is a balancing act!

Balance is an intrinsic component of life that decreases as we age – often with disastrous results!

Like breathing – it is achieved almost without conscious thought. And, also like breath – we usually only think about it after we’ve lost it – which is just a split second too late.

While balancing may not seem to be as critically important as breathing – ones ability to continue breathing may very well depend on their ability to remain balanced!

The simple act of standing requires balance. Walking requires balance. As does reaching, turning, jumping, running, skipping, bending. Bending requires flexibility AND balance. Oh, oh. Double trouble! The flagrant flogging of my article ‘ Stretching for Dummies‘ at this juncture is strictly for your benefit. Of course!

After all, loss of balance is the primary reason for falls, affecting one in five persons – and one in three adults aged 65 or older. Besides the personal pain, suffering, and inconvenience it presents – it also puts an enormous strain on the medical system that escalates towards a, um, ‘dizzying’ quarter TRILLION dollars annually!

While strokes and other neurological issues cannot be avoided – most of the everyday tumbles associated with inadequate balance – CAN!

Here is a simple test to see where you stand with the ‘Balancing Act of Life‘:

Standing straight and tall on both feet, arms at sides.

Slowly lift one foot off the ground keeping your eyes focused in front of you and breathing normally.

If this proves simple – close one eye.

Followed with closing both eyes, if still maintaining.

With both eyes closed, slowly turn head to the left. Then right.

Repeat the process on other foot.

This may seem simple to you, but for too many others – it is the furthest thing from! This short test will give you an excellent indication as to whether you are a well-balanced  soul – or whether you are a prime candidate for a fall from grace!

The simple rule is this: If you are flailing – you are failing!

Since balance is about maintaining the ‘centre of gravity, and our centre of gravity resides in the abdominal area – or ‘core‘ – the simplest method to improve balance is to increase ‘core strength‘. This usually means some form of abdominal – or ‘ab’ work – such as sit-ups or crunches.

Not only will you wind up being better balanced – you will also have a flatter mid-section as collateral damage! Not a bad by-product of simply increasing your odds of skipping through life unscathed!
Because – isn’t the ultimate goal to keep ones balance all the way to the finish line?

Mine is!

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  1. Informative article

  2. I am always suffering from imbalance ;)

  3. agree , balance is must everything in life , nice

  4. Not easy to understand I need to read it again.

  5. Our elderly go through a lot. We will all have to walk that road someday. A fall can cut their quality of life down.

  6. I have breath but it’s scattered:(

  7. You have struck a wonderful balance of an informative and humorous article!
    The tree is one of my fave yoga poses.
    Now I must make like a tree and leave…

  8. A new way to look at balance, but quite right. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I have tried it and i am successful.
    good post

  10. very informative. Good tips. Let me try this exercise now.

  11. Your point of view is very interesting

  12. interesting post

  13. Laughing while holding my breath…

  14. Just as long as my wife does not lose her balance while squeezing my balls to keep me from getting testicular ……. Did not want to say it. Girl u keep kicking ass on hot content! Do u have to submit article for hot content or does it just find u?

  15. Thanks so much, friends for sticking with me! A great holiday season and new years to all my Triond friends!

  16. :-) I have fantastic balance, until it comes to rushing across a tiled floor with wet bare feet, trying to text my sister at the sme time! At least I’m still under 65. I admit trying to hold a wine glass while on crutches took exceptional balancing skills.

  17. nice share

  18. And the first thing I notice when I scroll down my dashboard screen is that ImKarn23 is in Hot Content again. Congrats.

    Your article is so true it hurts. I walk with a limp from an injury I suffered 35 years ago. Nerve damage prevents me from balancing on that leg very well, and I fall plenty. Broken wrist, broken toes, etc.

  19. One more thing. A hint for the other unbalanced folks out there. The last time I took a yoga class, my teacher suggested I do balance exercises in the corner of the room where I can catch myself easier. It was also far less scary for her.

  20. This is a quite interesting topic to read. Not many of us can do this and succeed for sure. You have pointed it out accurately. A nice work.

  21. God, Triond loves you or something. Always on the Hot List Leslie. I’m jealous! :D

  22. I forgot to mention: I failed your balance test. Terribly. I guess I’m have an increased risk of an embarrassing and painful tumble in the near future. Anyone know if they have some over-the-counter medication for this? Haha

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