Banana: Remove Warts, Stop Mosquito Itch and More

Stop hunger attacks, remove warts, stop rash itch, polish your shoes and more with a banana. Amazing! …

Bananas are the ultimate hunger buster.

    Bananas are really the wonder fruit if you have ever eaten a snack then felt hungry again after 20 minutes or so then next time eat a banana. Bananas have resistant Starch which is a healthy carb that leaves you feeling full and boosts your metabolism. The best bananas are slightly un-ripe and have about 12 grams of RS which is much more than other foods. By comparison the ripe bananas only have about 4.5 grams of RS which can still keep away your nagging hunger pains.

But the interesting thing about the banana is its uses other than food.

Shine your shoes or polish silverware?

    That’s right it sounds crazy but by using the inside of the banana peel you can shine leather shoes or brighten your kitchen utensils.  Just simply rub the inside of the peel on your leather shoes or silverware then buff them up with a paper towel or rag and magic! You will be amazed how good your shoes and silverware will look and you will not look the same at a banana again.

Mosquito itch gone!

    That’s right the banana peel doesn’t only shine shoes but if you rub the peel on a mosquito bite the itch goes away! This is great for kids or adults and works on animals and people who also suffer from flea bites as well. But mosquito bites aside, the banana peel can also remove warts! Just rub the peel all over the wart and give it a few days of constant application and say good bye to your warts, the banana peel also helps to remove rashes from baby’s bottoms and adult skin.

    The banana sounds like an amazing product but the best thing about it is that its natures gift to man, it taste great and has many more uses around the house that you will no doubt enjoy discovering. A banana a day keeps many ailments away.

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