Bananas and Cashews: Natural Aphrodisiacs

Fast facts about bananas and cashews and their positive effect on health.

 Bananas and Cashews are two natural foods that increase serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is a natural chemical produced by the brain and is often referred to as the “feel good” chemical. Technically, serotonin is a neurotransmitter which transmits signals from the brain to other parts of the body.

Low serotonin levels affect the mood and can cause fatigue, insomnia, and depression. On the contrary, high serotonin levels are associated with high energy levels, increased tolerance for pain and a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, high serotonin levels over a period of time would eventually disrupt nervous system activity and lead to a faster heart rate and high blood pressure. Based on our present economy and the fact that serotonin is constantly depleted, the average person or regular Joe would be more likely to have low serotonin levels. Bananas and cashews would be ideal foods to normalize serotonin levels.  

There are a lot of other high carbohydrate, high protein foods that increase serotonin levels like yams, squash, sweet potatoes, chicken and white fish; however bananas and cashews are the most convenient. There is no measuring, cooking, or preparing.  

While a handful or two of cashews can deliver the punch of a Prozac and work wonders on headaches, bananas are actually an amazing fruit.

A few fast facts:

  • High in iron, great help for anemia cases
  • High in potassium, great for lowering blood pressure
  • High in fiber, good for normal bowel movement
  • Contains three natural sugars that are great for boosting energy levels
  • The vitamin B6 in bananas is good for regulating blood glucose and calming the nerves
  • Natural antacid effect is good for heartburn
  • For smokers, the B6, B12, potassium, and magnesium helps body recover from nicotine withdrawal
  • The banana peel is good for reducing swelling and I am told it makes for a good shoe shine.

Because bananas and cashews are all natural and healthy if not eaten to excess, it is only natural, considering their effects to conclude that they make for good aphrodisiacs. For some people anything that increases energy, reduces heartburn, lowers blood pressure and blood sugar, and has the punch of a Prozac is sex. More than anything, bananas and cashews are very affordable and are plentiful at your local Dollar Market. Have at it.


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