Bitter Gourd “ampalaya”:aphrodisiacs,anti Hemorrhoids and Other Medicinal Uses

Leaf juice is used for cough,kill parasites,heal wounds.Juice extract is effective in against colitis and bacillary dysentery.Whole plants can be prepared to treat diabetes,skin diseases,sterility in women and chronic ulcers of the stomach.Plant can be prepared to bring about vomiting.Powder from roots,fruits,and seeds can be used as an ingredient in aphrodisiac preparations,and in treating hemorrhoids.

Medicinal Uses of Bitter Gourd “Ampalaya”

1.  The leaf juice is used for cough, to kill parasites and to heal wounds.

2.  Juice extracted from the green fruit is effective against colitis and bacillary dysentery.

3.  The whole plants can be prepared to treat diabetes, skin diseases, sterility in women and chronic ulcers of the stomach.

4.  The plant can be prepared to bring about vomiting.

5.  The powder from roots, fruits and seeds can be used as an ingredient in aphrodisiac preparations.

6.  The powdered roots, fruits and seeds can be applied externally to hemorrhoids because they have astringent properties and prevent the secretion of fluids from wounds.

Nutritive Values of Bitter Gourd “Ampalaya”

1.  The young fruits and leaves of Bitter Gourd “Ampalaya” are extensively used as vegetable.

2.  The leaves are excellent sources of iron and calcium and a good source of phosphorus. 

3.  The leaves are also high in carbohydrates and a good source of vitamin B.


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Spiritual Healing Links:

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Philippine Herbs (Medicinal Plants for Barangay Herbal Garden), Editha M. Alcodia and Rolando E. Cabanting, R. Obed’s Enterprises, Philippines 1996

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