Body, Mind and Intellect: The Triangle of Life Philosophy

Every living creature in this lovely world has only one objective. ‘To be happy always’ is the common objective of every living thing. Life is all about managing the body, mind and intellect effectively. We all have body, mind and intellect. Your quality of life directly depends on how you manage your body, mind and intellect. Your happiness depends on how you manage these three sides of life triangle the body, the mind and the intellect. Please continue reading…..

Body, mind and intellect:  You can broadly classify all the living things in this world into three categories. Plants, animals and human. Plants have only body, they don’t have mind and intellect. Animals have body and mind but no intellect. Only the human has body, mind and intellect. Your life and happiness depend on how you manage your body, mind and intellect.

Body: Man seeks happiness using his five senses seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling. For example, he can get happiness seeing a baby smiling or a porn movie. He can be happy listening to a soothing music or a pop song. He can be happy while he touches his wife with love or he can get happiness from even one night stands.

Mind: What exactly is mind? It’s just flow of thoughts. Thoughts can be good, bad or ugly.

                                     MIND=FLOW OF THOUGHTS

Your mind can control you and your actions. Or you can control your mind. It all depends on how you use your intellect.

Intellect: Intellect helps you to discriminate good and bad. If you want to have real happiness for ever, your intellect  should be able to control both your body and mind.

What will happen if your mind takes control of your body and intellect?

The result is you will get short term and temporary happiness. In the long run only stress and sorrows will be left out.

What if your Intellect takes control of your body and mind?

The result is, you will get real happiness for ever.

Imagine there is a chariot driven by two horses. If intellect is the charioteer driving mind and body horses, you will get true happiness for ever. If mind becomes the charioteer and drives your intellect and body, you will end up with unhappiness, stress and worries in the long run.

This is life’s philosophy.

Summary: Your happiness is determined by how you manage your body, mind and intellect. If your intellect controls your body and mind, you will get eternal happiness and bliss. To put it in much simpler way, if you have self-control, you will have more happiness and less unhappiness in your life. Thanks for reading.

                                         The difference Between Intelligence And Intellect

                                             Your Body, Your Mind And Your Happiness

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